Review – Pandi

Starring: Raghava Lawrence, Sneha, Sriman, Nasser, Saranya and many others
Banner: Nemikchand Jabak Pictures
Production: Hitesh Jabak
Direction: Madhuvaran
Music: Srikanth Deva

Amongst the worst movies of this year, here joins Pandi to the list that has nothing to speak about. Director Madhucharan earlier made the film Poomagal Oorvalam that somehow entertained the masses. But after a very long time making his re-entry into tinsel town should have picked up something interesting. Almost all the scenes seem to have been extracted from the best sentimental and emotional movies of 1980s. Raghava Lawrence can best stay with his choreography and probably also can keep it working with directorial ventures. But, his overacting doesn’t deserve any credits. Actress Sneha looses all her good reputations that he gained in many of her prior films where he rendered best performances.

The tale of Pandi is so fuzzy and as mentioned above, scenes are narrated as a part of clichés.

Pandi (Lawrence) is involved with tedious jobs in Dubai and keeps saving up each and every bit of rupees he earns. Well, you know the reason why he does it? If he is doing all this for welfare of society, then this wouldn’t be the intro for he would involved in hacking up the black money from all baddies of the society. So, he is here working hard to earn and that is all for his family residing in Ussilampetti, a village in Tamil Nadu. It’s immediately a flashback here where Pandi is depicted as a carefree youth in the village who is always scolded by his father (Nasser) for being irresponsible. In contrast his elder brother (Sriman), happens to be the favorite of his father. However, his mother (Saranya) has more likeliness for her son Pandi. Amidst of this arrives Sneha, daughter of a police officer being transferred to the village.

Couple of encounters between Pandi and Sneha makes love blossoming between them. With things moving on smoothly, the entire family of shock is pushed into shock when Sriman elopes along with the money saved for their daughter’s marriage. Now its time for Pandi to take up the responsibility when he asks his father to arrange for loan so that they can perform the marriage. Pandi now flies to Dubai taking up work there in order to pay off the debts back.

Returning back to his hometown in elated moods has a great shock for Pandi, when sees his mother dead. Later he happens to know that his mother didn’t have a natural death and it’s a murder. Remaining part of the film is how Pandi finds out the murdered and seek his vengeance.

Since, we have mentioned about director and actor, it is about Sneha that we have got to speak about. Glamorous roles in no way suit her for she doesn’t look sultry but vulgar. Especially for the remix song of ‘Maasi Massam’, she is completely annoying with the alluring outfits that don’t match up with her.

One advise for Srikanth Deva is that we kindly request him to score some good tunes. None of the songs have been scored well and in particular he has spoiled the beautiful tune of ‘Maasi Maasam’ from Dharamathin Thalaivan.

As off valuating the film on whole, we request our viewers not to watch this movie. The film has nothing to speak about and we don’t know the reason why Hitesh Jhabak churning out hits with Naan Avanillai and Anjathey has taken up this project. We feel sorry for you Mr. Hitesh…

Bottom – Line: A movie to be kicked out

Verdict: Stay away

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