Review – Pandhayam

Star-casts: Nithin Satya, Sindhu Thoolani, Prakash Raj, Radhika, Dhaamu, Y.Gee. Mahendran and many others.
Banner: V V Creations
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: S.A. Chandrasekhar
Music: Vijay Antony

Film buffs including us were quite happy with the recent Tamil releases, ‘Saroja’, ‘Poi Solla Porom’ and this week’s release ‘M3V’. Frankly, these films weren’t produced at bigger budgets or inclusive of top-charting actor and actress. Our excitements had no end and we boasted about our talented filmmakers to our friends in other regional film industries. And now, they may start humiliating us after watching Pandhayam.

Indeed, the simple words of describing this film would be a great irritation and you would surely get the feel of watching 1980s Telugu film. Well, its fine if there are few punch dialogues in the film. But just imagine, hell losing out with continuous punch dialogues right throughout the film.

Nithin Sathya was well received for his naturalistic performance as supporting actor in few films and so was in Chennai 600028. But, getting him depicted in the role of a mass hero is the worst foolishness. S.A.Chandrashekar has only one thing to convince us: Prakash Raj and his clichéd best performance. But Nithin Satya, an inexperienced actor dominating Prakash Raj looks unapt and completely sickening. At the least, one good chance for S.A. Chandrashekar is that he could have roped his son Vijay to play the lead. Might be, Vijay should have refused this offer feeling that would be one more disaster to the queued line up of flops.

Sakthi (Nithin Satya) falls in love with Thulasi (Sindhu Thoolani), younger sister of Maasanam (Prakash Raj) a local gangster turned politician. Pretending to be the most diehard fan of Maasanam, Sakthi wins over his confidence. On the parallel, he makes his sister Sakthi fall in love with him. The later sequences reveal how Sakthi unrevealing his identity over the phone with Maasanam challenges that he would make his sister fall in love with him in next 16 days. Now, Maasanam seeks the help of Sakthi who studies in the same class of Thulasi. Rest of the story is how about both get clashed over each other and there is something more mysterious to be unraveled behind the reason of Sakthi challenging Maasanam.

An underrated performance by Nithin Satya and there are no words to describe his performance more than this. Prakash Raj appears right throughout the film and keeps winning laurels with his performance. Be it his arrogant activities or his comedy oriented sequences, they are sure to win applause from the audiences. Radhika does a neat job, but it’s a worst part on designing her characterization. None of the woman in this world would remain silent after a cruel man forcefully tying marriage knot to her. Remember, he is the same person who killed her brother and father right in front of her eyes. Talk through one’s hat is the word to term S.A. Chandrashekar’s piece of this work.

Dhaamu and Scissor Manohar, their most irritating characters mean nothing to the film and they are merely for sickening purpose. Sindhu Thoolani works well on the quotient of glamour and there is nothing to do with her character other than shaking her legs for songs.

Vijay appearing in guest appearance is purely for his fans and his father must have his hope only with couple of scenes where he appears. But over there, he has his son’s ideologies spread. Fine! It’s a bit of convince for Vijay fans…

Technical aspects tots up to another pathetic scenario: immediate cuts and unwanted camera shakes has nothing to offer other than headache, giddiness and nausea. Don’t know the reason, why unwanted fade ins and outs, changing tone colors of subjects are used. Preferably, it would have been for the reason that S.A. Chandrashekar wants to prove that he has purchased latest plug-ins of latest editing software. Technical aspects are something to play the psychological aspects of audiences and the director should well understand this.

Vijay Antony’s music is perfect and lives up to his level. But placement of songs is really one more disaster. A sister of horrific gangster elopes with a young lad and dances in the open ground for ‘Surangani’. Audiences are not fools to keep watching this…

S.A. Chandrashekar is still working on the same formulas that he tried with his son Vijay in ‘Rasigan’ and many more. He has to make sure that trend is changing and there would be no welcome for unwanted heroisms and old romance technique of kissing and hugging. It is unimaginable to see the same director who made the best film ‘Sattam Oru Iruttarai’ and more has directed this film.

Bottom – Line: Don’t torture yourselves

Verdict: “Enna Koduma Sir Ithu”

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