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Review – Panchamirtham

Star-casts: Aravind Akash, Saranya Mohan, Jayaram, Samiksha, Nasser, Prakash Raj, Karunaas, Ganja Karuppu, M.S. Bhaskar, Mayilsami, Manobala, Raju Eeswaran.
Production: Abhirami Ramanathan, Nallamai Ramanathan
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Raju Eeswaran
Music: Sundar C Babu
Cinematography: Pramod Varma
Dialogues: L. Ganapathy
Editing: M. Kasi Viswanathan
PRO: Adambakkam Ramanathan

It’s so nice to see different genres shoring upon Tamil film industry. This is something great for those who are really fed up watching the worst type of commercial films. Perhaps, this genre of fantasy isn’t fine-looking in the style of making. Earlier, before few years, we’ve watched ‘Little John’ that was entertaining and yet didn’t make it big in box office.

Here comes, one more film of the same sort where mythological characters’ conflicts pass on from ancient to present age. Well, ‘Panchamirtham’ is of the similar storyline where a never ending conflict shoots up between mythic characters of Maareesan and Idumban.

Set at backdrops of ancient age:

Maareesan (Jayaraman) and Idumban are in love with their Guru’s daughter (Samiksha). Well, the exquisite missy loves Maareesan and Idumban is so frustrated with this. Immediately, out of his anger Idumban gets her disguised into a Rudhraaksha. In retaliation, Maareesan with his angelic power turns Idumban in his anklets. Meanwhile, Raavana (Prakash Raj) orders Maareesan to take the form of deer so that Raavana can kidnap Seetha. Unwillingly Maareesan does it and culminates to the curse of Lord Rama and turns into a rocky piece of stone.

Story switches to the present age:

A rich tycoon (Nasser), owner of a largest tea estate has been always the target for evil relatives who eye for his wealth. Getting to know about their conniving acts, tycoon’s daughter (Saranya Mohan) gets back to her father for saving him. But the malevolent relatives fix up with couple of henchmen (Karunaas and Ganja Karuppu) in killing the owner’s daughter.

While barging her downside the steeps of rocky hill, Saranya’s feet touches the same rock piece that is actually none other than disguised form of Maareesan. Within fraction of seconds, Maareesan takes his form and saves Saranya while the anklets fall into the river and gets consumed by fish. There goes a fisherman (Again played by Nasser) who is none other the brother of rich tycoon. Now, as soon he cuts open the fish, Idumban takes into form…

Here begins the war of Good Vs Evil again after millions of years and rest of the story is about humorous elements with trite formulas. Raju Eeswran’s perfect casting of comedy actors Ilavarasu, M.S. Bhaskar, Mayilsami, Karunaas and Ganja Karuppu offers more strength comedic screenplay. Aravind Akash on his part of protagonist executes his best efforts while Saranya Mohan lives up to the expectations.

Though songs aren’t really interesting, Sundar C Babu’s background score for the new genre of mythology-fantasy enhances the interest. Added to this Pramod Varma cinematography with Kasi Viswanathan’s editing strengthens the visual quality of the film. Ganapathy’s fun-filled dialogues would be a real treat for family audiences especially kids.

As a whole, for this Christmas holidays it’s a good film to watch along with family members. Of course, for the children who were so distressed watching gory violence, obscene vulgarities and adult themes, ‘Panchamirtham’ is a fantastic treat. But unfortunately, there are whole lot of traces of TV serial and Raju Eeswaran with his knack tactics could’ve dealt with this… Or else, the film is worth watching.

Bottom – Line: Rise of the new genre

Verdict: Watch it and welcome new genres…

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