Review – Palaivana Cholai

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Star-casts: Nithin Sathya, Abhinay, Sathyan, Sanjeev, Karthika, Chams and others
Production: R. Radhakrishnan
Direction: K.S. Dayalan
Music: Bobby

Years back, ace filmmaker Robert Rajashekar had delivered a fantabulous film titled ‘Palaivana Cholai’ with Suhasini, Rajeev, Vagai Chandrasekhar, Thyagu and Janakaraj in lead roles. The film happens to be an evergreen classic with its heart-touching tale of friendship and emotional bonding of relationships. But now, the classic piece of work has been deteriorated with a simple word of ‘remake’. Why do our filmmakers attempt to remake classics that earned reputation for our film industry?

For those, who have idea about watching ‘Palaivana Cholai’ remake, can better look out for home videos of yesteryear version. Of course, the story about boys with gloomy backdrop and roaming Casanovas has been a sort of threadbare. At this point, this remake actually doesn’t evoke anyone’s interest.

Ramana (Sanjeev), Yuvan (Abhinay), Aadhi (Sathyan), Prabhu (Nithin Sathya) and Iniyan (Chams) are close friends with very different backdrops. Yuvan is a filthy rich guy who never has any plans about his future while Prabhu is a straight forward auto driver and Ramana supplies food items to stores and earns livelihood to get his couple of sisters married. Aadhi wants to make it big in film industry as an actor while Iniyan, an associate of criminal lawyer as his dreams wiped out since the senior doesn’t treat him properly. Here enters Priya (Karthika) from Madurai changing their lives forever. And as you all guess, she has a heart problem and is counting her days.

Filmmaker Dayalan should’ve remade the film into some other regional languages and earned good reputation. Because, it’s not about comparisons, but the film lacks solidity and will not cater to the tastes of present-age audiences…

Though most of the actors have tried working for best show, nothing seems to be impressive with the film.

Bobby’s musical score isn’t appealing and camera works is quite good.

On whole, ‘Palaivana Cholai’ has a good storyline, but doesn’t suit the age and will not make it big in box office.

Bottom – Line: Disloyal remake

Verdict: Enna Kodumai Sir ithu!!!

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