Review – Pachai Kili Muthucharam

Review – Pachai Kili Muthucharam

Cast : Sarath Kumar, Andrea, Jothika, Miland Soman, and Others
Producer : Oscar Films Ravichandran
Director : Gautham Menon
Music : Harris Jeyaraj

This time Gowtham has selected a different story to come out of the “Cop Banner”, his last film “Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu” smashed the Kollywood but Pachai Kili Muthucharam failed to do that. Gowtham has narrated the story with action-packed thriller but he failed in the making of the story at last. After a long time Sarath Kumar featuring in a character based story leaving his action packed fame, Jothika acting was simply superb but the Director failed to use Jothika acting skills properly, apart from that Andrea and Milind Soman just fits in their characters.

The story starts with two Venkastesh (Sarath Kumar) and Kalyani (Andrea), both were married and have one kind (Nanda). As usual Both Venki & Kalyani Hang around with lot of fun but suddenly Nanda falls sick, and Kalyani cares more Nanda and failed to respect the emotion of Venki. This situation pushes Sarath Kumar to another extreme, Geetha (Jothika). Venki saw Geetha in Railway station and they continue there relation as a friends which turned into affair.

And rest of the story revolves around Sarath Kumar-Jothika-Milind Soloman, what is intention of Jothika, and how Milind Soloman chases Sarath Kumar and how Sarath Kumar coming out of the web created by fate was highlight of the story. Jothika’s Mafia face did not suited well, Milind Soloman blackmail scenes and Sarath Kumar dialogue delivery looks like artificial and didn’t suit the story.

In fact Gowtham was pretty confused in this film because he has attached climax in last minute to push the time was realized well in the theater. Lot of flaws made the film utter failure in screen. At the same time we should not forget the music scored by Harris Jayaraj was simply superb with his songs particularly Unnakul & Un Sirripil crippled the minds of the audience. New & Fresh face Andre has to be noted and her introducing scene was tuned in right way, And Camera man Arvind Krishna captured beauty of the Chennai Suburb trains in a good manner.

Vulgarity can be sensed through out the film, which was another minus of this movie. At last Director failed to realize the importance of screenplay and given more importance to story which created major havoc in the movie. The film suits only for the upper Middle class and fail to recognize the importance of lower middle class who are the backbone of film industry.


Verdict : Xerox Copy of the English Movie ” Derailed “

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