Review – Ninaithale Inikkum

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Star-casts: Prithviraj, Priyamani, Karthik, Sakthi, Bhagyaraj, Jeeva, Anuja Iyer, Vishnupriyan and others
Banner: Sun Pictures, Gemini Film Circuit
Direction: Kumaravelan
Music: Vijay Antony

If Lal Jose happens to watch his best film being remade with lots of spoilers, he would really commit suicide for owning them remake rights. What a fantabulous film was ‘Classmates’? the film was interwoven with extraordinary thriller, romance, comedy and emotions and much particularly with more logics.

But it’s completely disappointing to note that the remake version lacks everything. Be it the emotional sequences or the romantic takes between Prithviraj and Priyamani, everything looks to be amateur. The biggest flaw that remains with Kumaravelan was modifying certain best factors that were present in original version. Of course, it’s better to watch a completely new-shaped screenplay. But too much of everything would really yield bad results, isn’t? The filmmaker should’ve got it as a best lesson

The film opens with old students getting back for a reunion that comprises Shiva (Prithviraj), his broken love Meera (Priyamani), close pal (Vishnupriyan), and his college-day rival Vasu (Karthik) Karthik (Jeeva) and others. As Shiva makes his way back from Mumbai, he glimpses back into his past colorful days of college brimmed with love, jealousy, enmity, emotions, conflicts and loss. Later, back into the present situation we are revealed that

On his journey, he glimpses back to his bittersweet days of college life brimmed with love, friendship, hatred and unbearable pains. In the later span, we’re exposed to a hardcore truth that the entire reunion is nothing about death anniversary of their close friend Sakthi (Sakthi), an asthma patient who passed away during the final year. To accomplish Sakthi’s dreams, his father (Bhagyaraj) launches a music library in their college. Moments later, Meera unable to resist her feelings heads to Shiva’s room to revivify their love.

Unluckily, she’s thrown into extreme shock as Shiva’s neck is chocked with a guitar string.

Prithviraj has improved a lot on his performance when compared to his previous films. As well he dances well and emotes to the situation. Incisively, Priyamani fails to bring the right emotions on her part in any situations. Vishnupriyan does his role well while Sakthi can look forward for some interesting roles. Jeeva is good while Anuja Iyer is extraordinary. Bhagyaraj does some good appearance with heart touching dialogues that sometimes turns to be boredom.

Musical score by Vijay Antony is perfect on all genres. Cameraman Balasubramaniam has handled the shots with more interesting angles. But why does he maintain the dark tone all throughout the film is a billion dollar question.

On the whole, If GNR Kumaravelan had sustained some of the interesting quotients from the original version; the film would’ve done well. As of now, with Sun Pictures promoting the film vividly, the film will look out for some good collections in box office. But when it comes to critical analysis, the film lags behind the original remake on all terms.

Bottom – Line: disloyal remake of classical movie

Verdict: Average

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