Review – N M V

Star-casts: SJ Suryah, Sayali Bhagat, Rajeev and others
Production: Madras Entertainment Pictures
Screenplay – Direction: Thai Muthu Selvan
Music: Vinay
Cinematography: Saravanan

‘Rise of the Phoenix’ – Of course, SJ Suryah is worthy getting ennobled with such a best title. Why not? The actor was drenched in absolute sadness over the continuous flops ‘Vyaapari’ and ‘Thirumaghan’… Nearly it took a year for him to complete this venture. Incisively, when producers were just backing off from his scripts and didn’t opt him to be posed on lead role. And now, he goes high with flying colors of commendable work.

Special Mention:

Don’t assume this one to be a typical style of SJ Suryah film.. For a greater surprise, he doesn’t intonate with high pitched voice, utter dialogues with double meaning or overact in any situations. Hats off to Director Thai Muthu Selvan for coming up with an edge-seated thriller and mark this!! It’s his debut directorial.

The moment we have protagonist setting on his verge of seeking revenge, there is no turning here and there as the filmmaker doesn’t include any such distractions on the screens.


It all opens with Guru (SJ Suryah) paying homage tribute to his dead girlfriend Priya (Sayali Bhagath)…. The next shot you’re taken to the flashback that brings the poignant touch of romantic encounters between Guru and Priya… Gradually, a bits and pieces of alluring lip locks and romantic touches is all that leads this young couple decide their marriage. But, JP (Rajeev), Priya’s boss at Eagle Music Channel has very sadistic intentions on the beautiful innocent girl. Right on the eve of their marriage, JP abducts and barges her into an unknown place, frames Guru for a false case, rapes and kills Priya. With his monetary influence, he makes things look like a suicide.

Here’s the door of flashback locked and now look out for the smart plans of Guru. All that he does his calling up JP and foretelling his death time is gonna be in next couple of hours.

Watch the rest on the screens for a minute-to-minute thriller….


SJ Suryah has stepped out for his clichéd style as mentioned earlier. On various situations, he emotes accordingly with a decent approach. Right on the flashback sequences, the actor is spotted with much more stylishness while in the role of an avenging person, seriousness is bounded to his skins. Sayali Bhagath is sure to be a more sensational girl. She’s so sensuous with her alluring physiques and of course does a good job on her acting too…

Rajeev has exceptionally done justice to his role as an antagonist. Just look back at his previous films where he played an innocent-chap character and it’s an unbelievable feat by this man.


Cinematography by Saravana is commendable as he has tried something new on innovative tones. Vinay’s musical score could’ve been yet more convincing and background score is quite laudable. Editing adds to the pace of screenplay.

Screenplay and Direction

Nothing unparalleled in this storyline as seeking revenge for their ladylove has been a long time pattern. However, Thai Muthu Selvan pens a gripping screenplay that has quite interesting twists and turns. Surely, the filmmaker is sure to have a great time if he tries out on similar genres.

Final Take

As a whole, there isn’t something more to credit this film with 5 Stars, but a different one for this season.

Bottom – Line: Off the wall thriller

Verdict: Watch it for a different experience….

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