Review – Nesi

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Star-casts: Vikas, Sonia Kumari, Sukumar, Mahadevan and Meera Krishnan
Production: Saravana Krishna
Direction: J.S. Kannan
Music: Sirpi

For the sake of goodness, we kindly request certain filmmakers who are coming up with the old themes not to repeat them. This week has been so annoying with many releases focused on the same theme of losing their loved ones and turning wilder after it. Like ‘Eesa’, ‘Nesi’ too deals about a guy falling in love with a girl and later turning mad after losing her. The only convincing part is that the climax portion has been uniquely done.

The film opens with Siva (Vikas), a mentally challenged person begging in front of temples. For a greater extent, he acts so wildly as he comes through a fire at Yagna. Later, we are exposed to a reveling flashback, where Siva is a happy-go-lucky youngster who leads a cheerful life with his friends. On this course, he comes across a beautiful girl Anjali (Sonia Kumari), daughter a local big shot (Mahadevan). As we would have spotted in many films, it all commences with a clash and later they fall in love. Their affair is strongly objected by her dad and now both of them elope together chased by henchmen. Later, they take refuge in burial ground where Siva has to witness a shocking scenario. Indeed, it’s a different climax for which you can sing appraisals of director Saravana Krishna

Debutant Saravana comes up with attempts of making a blissful romantic film. But unfortunately, most portions seem to be more clichéd and you don’t feel anything special about it. Vikas, son of choreographer John Babu doesn’t go through any amateurishness and spells a convincing job on his part. Sonia from Mumbai could’ve done little better on her part for an enhanced touch. While others adding to cast: Mahadevan, Sukumar and Meera Krishnan have tired for the best.

Sirpi’s musical score is mediocre and doesn’t go sustained in your minds soon after the show. The cinematography has been cranked well.

On the whole, ‘Nesi’ could’ve been good flick, if Saravanan had avoided some already seen elements of a romance film. But, we’ve got to appreciate the filmmaker for his earnest attempts. But one kind advises for the debutants, if you’re into acting, kindly try something different apart from mentally retarded person.

Bottom – Line: could’ve been impressively done

Verdict: Below Average

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