Review – Nepali

Starring: Bharath, Meera Jasmine, Mayilsamy, Sangeetha, Prem, Govind, and many others
Production: OST Films
Direction: V.Z. Durai
Cameraman: Mathi
Music: Sri Kanth Deva

VZ Durai had his difference applied to each and every flick of his directorial like Thotti Jaya, Mugavari and Kadhal Sadugudu. Of course, with an attempt to come up with different theme, he does it with Nepali that turns out to be a great failure. An interesting screenplay blended with same old and annoying script.

How does it sound when an appealing screenplay is mingled with a story that we could have seen over at least for more than 100 movies. Is it interesting or not? Come on lets takes a look at the synopsis of the movie and analyze the positive and minus traits of it.

The film is centered on Karthik (Bharath), a software engineer by profession who comes across Priya (Meera Jasmine) in Ooty. Well, several encounters do make them fall in love and as a matter of cliché, they face opposition from the parents. So its all about eloping and entering into nuptials, leading a life together. But sooner sorrow strikes them once a police officer, a sex maniac by nature has his eye for Priya. In an attempt to molest her, Priya gets killed and Karthik is held for the murder.

The story immediately shifts to the other parallel one focusing on a prisoner played again by Bharath who is sentenced for killing a police officer. Over there, he is deeply influenced by a Nepali social activist (Govind Namdeo) who is imprisoned for raising his voice against the baddies who sexually oppress woman sexually. Sooner, Bharath vows to polish off those baddies and escapes from the prison.

Within fraction of minutes, there starts another parallel story where a Nepali youth (again played by Bharath) bumping off a software engineer, a college professor and an eminent doctor in the town. Case file is handed to the police officer who was responsible for Priya’s death.

So now starts the mysterious ride centering on three youngsters on different ends….

Well, now you may agree with me that the story and screenplay are quite interesting, but the way that is implied by the director is quite annoying. With no doubt, you can clearly view the traces of Hollywood flicks like Back to the Future and Déjà vu. As of performance, each and everyone have delivered an exquisite stroke and especially with Bharath, he has done a splendid one.

Meera Jasmine crossing her usual levels, has hopped with different deliverance. Getting on with technical aspects, Sri Kanth Deva’s musical score has nothing to do impressive both with songs and background.

VZ Durai can be appreciated for a good work, but there is something missing in the story and that is a poor old script to which audiences are more used of watching…

Bottom – Line: Different but unimpressive

Verdict: Watch it if you dare…

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