Review – Nayagan

Star-casts: J.K.Ritish, Ramana, Sangeetha, Keerthi Chawla, Sriman, Anand Raj, Radha Ravi and many others.
Banner: Shakya Celluloids
Story and Production: V.K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy
Screenplay and Direction: Saravana Sakthi
Music: Mariya Manohar
Cinematography: Abhu Shah
Stunts: Power Fast

“Hold on for second”, I said to my teammate after the film was over, “Did we watch the remake of cellular now?” Wow! This director has churned out a magic that he made me forget that I am watching a remake flick. Marvelous job to alter the action packed script adding social based issues on the parallel line. Vijayakumar Reddy isn’t just a good producer but has proved of his fantastic briskness in penning the script, trenchant characterizations.

Alas! It was so annoying to watch other movie titled ‘Vegam’ that was a remake of the same Hollywood starring S.Ve. Sekar’s son Ashwin Shekar.

May be the story may be well known if you have earlier watched Cellular and Vegam.

The film opens with city cops discovering enormous dead bodies of young girls under the drainage. Cut to – you have a sincere police officer (Ritish) getting introduced with stuffs of hero worships, followed by an youngster (Ramana) eloping out of city with his cousin girl (Keerthi Chawla) and a doctor being abducted by group of strangers (lead by Anand Raj). These characters who haven’t met before, but they are linked by a phone call.

Leave out the first 20mins, may be you feel the gimmicks of Ritish is not doing so well. But the coming hours of the show is something that will move you to the edge of seats. Sometimes it makes you thrilled, sometimes pity towards the victims and sometimes enthralling with the stunts…

What makes the bit tripped down? Unwanted hero worship of J.K.Ritish and his funny get-ups in the title song could have been avoided as well his Kuthu song with a young lady. Well, erotic song featuring Ramana and Keerthi Chawala is a good execution of attention grabber for front benchers.

Few sequences like Sangeetha and Ramana sitting next and yet not recognizing each other is a good piece of work again by Saravana Sakthi. Well-defined characterization and their intentions is what it makes the film so appealing. There are no specified lead roles in the film. Be it Ramana who is travelling on the thin line between death and life, Sangeetha struggling for her rescue without knowing the reason why she is kidnapped till the last moment, Sriman who does a perfect show of revealing the true colors of police officers involved in evil activities are something adding more colors to the film.

Abhu Shah’s cinematography grabs your attention and maintains the tempo of screenplay with innovative movements, especially on stunts and chasing scenes.

But what makes a flaw so blatant is that Ramana when approaches Ritish to speak over the phone with Sangeetha could have handed over the number from where she is calling. Things would have simpler and quite smart. But that’s not so notable since the gripping screenplay diminishes it…

So, go to theatres, catch up with popcorns and cool drinks, sit back and enjoy the show…

Bottom – Line: Stupendous adaptation

Verdict: Good work by entire team…

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