Review – Nanbanin Kaadhali

Review – Nanbanin Kaadhali

Cast : Kunal, Vikram Aditiya, Shivani Singh, and Others
Producer : Shri Productions
Director : Kicha
Music : Deva

As the title suggest this film revolves around the friend’s hood bee. In Tamil cinema role of the friend was minimal, besides friend was used as a tool, but not a role in Tamil cinema. In this way director Kitchaa, managed to bring the role of a friend in equal to heroism. And Comedy track narrated by the Director sounds OK.

After a long time actors like Gunnal, Vinu Chakravathy and “Visil” fame Vikram Aditiya are featuring in the lead roles. Along with them Shivani Singh was called to do opposite role in this film. Basically the film was more comedy oriented so director didn’t made the script so hard and captured the moment with day today life, at the same time this is the first movie in Tamil, where the full movie was shot in Goa.

In search of Job, Jeeva (Vikramadithan) goes to Goa, at the first sight Jeeva fall in love with Sujatha (Shivani Sing) from that instance Jeeva tries to tell his Love to Sujatha, but Jeeva fail in his every attempt. So he shifts his house near Sujatha’s house, to prove himself a Honest and handsome boy, at the meantime Surya (Gunnal) entering to the picture.

Surya knows that Jeeva is in Love with Sujatha, still Surya wanted to disturb Jeeva, because of this Jeeva gets irritated by Surya, who always tries to make the Love fragile. Subsequently, Sujatha Loves Surya, but Surya refuse her Love at the ground. And the rest of the story spin around the relation between Surya & Jeeva and flash back to show who Surya is !!

The director tried to capture the story in slow pace and focused more on Comedy track which worked well, along with this Music is scored by Deva brings Typical Gana back to track. S.I Balaji ,dance choreographer organized 5 songs in this film, and Lyrics were written by Yuga Bharathi were well placed in sound tracks. Shivani Singh’s dance with Glamour enlighten the script and dance sequences with two heroes was well managed by the director.

Though the film has resemblance of “Kabbadi Kabbadi”, still director combined some useful scenes in order to capture the running audience. The small budget film Nannbani Kadhali at last made his effort to bring the comedy in mainstream.


Verdict : Below Average

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