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Review – Nam Naadu

Review – Nam Naadu

Cast : Sarath Kumar, Karthika, Vijay Kumar, Nasser, Manivannan, Ramesh Khanna, Riyaz Khan & others
Production: Ramesh Babu
Banner: Kanaka Rathna Movies
Director : Suresh
Music : Srikanth Deva

Post Pacchaikili Mutthucharam, more things were expected from Sarath Kumar but he is back again with the same story of being a politician. Apprehensively with more and interesting star casts, much was expected from this film, but Nam Naadu has not made up to its expectations. Remakes must always go with the policy with the saying ‘Better than the best’ and Nam Naadu being the remake of Malayalam flick, there’s nothing special here.

Ramesh Babu under the banner of Kanaka Rathna Movies after the successful venture with Pokkiri has produced this movie. Well, one thing that is clearly viewable in this film is that Sarath Kumar has well utilized this film to convey his political ideologies.

The film is all about a gripping relational emotions between a father and son who belong to same political party but with different ideas. Alavandhar (Nasser) is a double dealing education minister who wants to become chief minister and with the help of his son-in-laws Sathya and Ilamaran (Saran Raj and Ponvannan), he starts creating problems within the party to overthrow the rule of present chief minister (Vijay Kumar). Finally the Government gets dissolved and Alavandhan sets ready contesting for polls and it is at this point of time, his son Mutthazhagan (Sarath Kumar) opposes his father and gets to become the home minister.

Remaining part of the film is about how he sets out to cleanse the society from all its corruptions and illegalities.

Well, Director Suresh seems to have good rapport with Sarath Kumar for he has successfully directed 3 films for him. Going for the remake, the film remains drier at few points and that’s quite boring for the audience to sit and watch it with patience. The only convincing thing over here is the dialogues penned by Ramesh Khanna and he has carefully handled the lines pertaining to situations. But few dialogues in the film tend to reflect some of the real life incidents in present day politics of Tamil Nadu. Also mentioning of names like ‘Amma’ and pricking indirectly some of the political personalities is more punching and that’s reveals Sarath’s notion of passing the ideologies.

Nothing to comment on the performance of Sarath Kumar for he seems to have done the same as he had done in his previous films. There is nothing special to comment on Karthika’s performance for she has nothing to perform in the frame.

Srikanth Deva’s musical score is not a commendable job and none of the songs out of 5 have come out. It would have been nice if director had shown his involvement for musical part of this film. Getting to other technical aspects of Nam Naadu, the works are not quite appreciable and as mentioned earlier, it reveals of director’s non-involvement in the post-production.

As a whole, taking the whole film into consideration, Nam Naadu is a film for a political cause and also a commercial film that can be watched to kill the time and not more than that. Nam naadu Fails to hit bull’s eyes.

Verdict: Nam Naadu – Effortless film and Sarath’s propaganda for politics