Review – Nadodigal

Star-casts: Sasi Kumar, Abhinaya, Anaya, Vijay Vasanth, Bharani, Ganja Karuppu and many others.
Banner: Global Infotainment Pvt Ltd
Producer: Micheal Rayappan
Story, Screenplay and Direction: Samuthirakkani
Music: Sundar C Babu

How far would friends go in uniting the sweethearts who’re in deep love? Would they sacrifice their lives? Of course, they would. Equivalently! How far would they go ahead in frustration when the couple has left apart with unreal love and ready for second marriage. Will these friends go on verge of killing them? Watch the film to find out what’s happening

‘Nadodigal’ is the best directorial from Director Samuthirakkani who had earlier just made TV series. Indeed, he presented the mega-serials in the format of films that was quite interesting. Now, he’s presented an entertaining film that has good conceptualization about unreal love prevailing today amongst the younger generation.

The film is about three friends – Karuna (Sasi Kumar), Pandian (Bharani) and Chandran (Vijay Vasanth) who have no worries in their lives. Although, they’re from middle class families, they’ve nothing to care about. Of course, they’ve got their ducky ladyloves ready to marry them. But everything takes to be frizzled when their friend Saravanan, son of EX-MP’S son from Namakkal arrives. Running to get hold of his girlfriend daughter of a kingpin in same town, he seeks the help of Karuna and his friends.

On the mission, the friends lose a lot including Chandran’s leg, Pandian turning deaf and Karuna losing his cousin girl to get married to someone. But, they’re elated that everything is for the sake of couple who’re happily leading a peaceful life. Again, terrifying misery strikes when these friends get to know that the couple had no real love and it was just an infatuation. They’re back into their homes, ready for divorce and marry someone else.

These friends have a big plan that will turn the society in real appalling situation…

Sasi Kumar excels with a stupendous job and fetches 10/10 on performance. Where did he inherit such best traits of a successful actor? We plead him! Please continue acting Sasi and don’t stop spelling your skilled show. Bharani of Kalloori fame works magic on the screen with an interesting role while Vijay Vasanth has done a decent job.

Musical score by Sundar C Babu is commendable and the song ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’ is mind-boggling. Cinematography by SR Kathir is eye-catching.

On the whole, Nadodigal is sure to make big jackpot in box office. If you ask us! We would say, ‘Don’t miss this film. Beautifully entertaining film after a long time.’

Bottom – Line: Appealing and interesting

Verdict: Strongly recommended.

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