Review – Naanayam

Banner: Capital Film Works
Production: S.P.B. Charan
Direction: Sakthi K Rajan
Star-casts: Sibiraj, Prasanna, SP Balasubramaniam, Ramya and others
Music: James Vasanthan

‘Bank heists – Hollywood filmmakers have enthralled us in the past with this unique theme. Indeed, the Bollywood has copycatted some of the best bank robbery jobs. So what? Should we be an exception? Come let’s glimpse through the list of Bank heist films and slightly make some changes for the sake of Tamil audiences’…

It looks like both filmmaker Sakthi and producer Charan should’ve complimented each other and saw some films of that sort. Particularly the film ‘Bank Job’ should’ve been their pick as most of the sequences in this film are likely inspired from it.

The film has a weak storyline and a pathetic suspense revealed in the climax….

We don’t want to break the suspense as you may thank us for revealing such a hilarious reason that entire drama takes place.

Giving a brief establishment to every character will turn this review to be a 4-page comprehensive and here’ we have it all with synopsis in simple statement.

The story circles round the characters – Ravi (Prasanna) a higher official in a high-security bank, Fereed (Sibiraj) a burglar, Bank Manager Viswanath (SP Balasubramaniam), a sincere bank employee Devaki (Yasmin) and Ramya (Aishwarya, Eeswari and Nandini). The bank heist involves these personalities into unexpected scenarios of love, extra-marital affair, betrayal, blackmail and every dark aspect.

After having watched the climax, you have couple of options – Bang your heads to wall or laugh as if you’ve gone made.

Watch Sibiraj and Prasanna trying to emote for the essential sequences: they’re like scatterbrained clowns looking out for a miracle to happen on the 12th hour. The only sequence that makes them look perfect is the climax fight. Sibiraj tries to implement his dad’s spell which is impossible on all terms. Prasanna suits well to etched role of a smart officer. He has shown keen maturity over his performance and can now opt for some challenging roles. Watch his acts during penultimate sequences: they’re just mind-boggling. Be the situations where he emotes romantically bonded with a girl or the urge to save him out of wedges… It really makes us wonder how come SP Balasubramaniam could accept such a flimsy role? Watch him walking pathetically for a reason to reveal in climax – you’ll laugh and laugh and it’s endless fun. Ramya has lots of areas to showcase her potentials and yet looks unconfident throughout the show. If you’re looking out for one perfect actor doing to the role, it’s Yasmin. But her importance is overshadowed with less footage.

Nothing impressive with technical crew – cinematography is artificial, though the trailer was quite slick while James Vasanthan throws a disappointing score.

Sakthi Rajan has delivered some interesting moments over the script, but he could’ve still worked more fine-tuning of screenplay.

Good luck next time Sakthi. You could’ve made a better start. And for SPB Charan, we request him to be sincere over choosing scripts and not so overconfident.

Bottom – Line: Sleazy tale and weak screenplay

Verdict: Cheesy-dimwitted thriller sans ‘thrill’

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