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Review – Naalaiya Pozhuthum Unnodu

Review – Naalaiya Pozhuthum Unnodu

Cast : Prithi, Karthiga, Rohini, Velu Prabahar, Livingtstone, Gowri, Saki, Venu Aravind, Kovai Guna and many others
Production: P.R. Suresh Kumar
Cinematographer: Dinesh Raj
Director : K.Moorthy Kannan
Music : Srikanth Deva

Commencing his directorial venture, Moorthy Kannan has done a good job for he has come up with a love story in different dimension. the title Naalaiya Pozhuthum Unnodu itself suggests that it’s a heart binding romantic story implying that the till the last breath, both of them would be together.

After making a moderate start with his previous film Kai Vandha Kalai, lots of improvements is being noticed in Prithvi’s performance and approach. Well Karthiga looks cute and her performance is commendable.

The film begins with the Velu Prabahar felicitated with honoury award of best novelist and in the mid of the function he rushed to his telling that he has got an important work. As soon as he reaches home, there is rohini waiting for him. As she asks him to narrate a story, he starts telling about a love affair that was present between Prithvi and Karthiga right from their childhood. They go on leading a happy kind of life until Karthiga’s mother intervenes and alienate them from one another. Deeply affected by the separation both feel that they are in hell. Twist is when mother poisons her own daughter and as a result she gets mentally retarded.

Velu Prabhakaran says Rohini that he would narrate the remaining part of the story soon after having a cup of coffee. All of sudden, Rohini gets up from the chair and hits him badly asking him to continue the story. It is then revealed that it is Karthiga who is Rohini in olden age and Velu Prabahar is Prithvi. The climax is so touching that it moves the heart of audiences.

Coming up with a good theme, it’s a good effort from Director Moorthy Kannan and he could have done something more different to make this flick more powerful. Technically speaking its not a good effort from the technicians we can say. Because whatever may be the story camera and background music are the major components that elevate the feel and standard of the flick. Director should take a note of this, so that he can make things better in his forthcoming projects.

Srikanth Deva has come up with a moderate effort and could scored better music. Taking up both the songs and background score, audience feel that his job is not satisfactory.

As a whole analyzing the film, it’s a good film, but the same wine in different bottle. Many films focusing on the love that blooms between a boy and girl during adolescent age have already hit the screens and the only difference here is Karthiga’s characterization.

Hats off to Karthiga for doing a vulnerable job and there’s nothing special from Prithvi. He has to be selective in choosing the scripts if he has great plans to make great things.

Bottom Line : New wine in a different bottle

Verdict: Can watch it once…