Review – Muthirai

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Star-casts: Daniel Balaji, Nithin Satya, Lakshmi Rai, Manchari, Kishore, Ponvannan and others.
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Banner: ASA Productions, A Vision Jeeva Studios Films
Production: Vikram Bhatt, Aneez Jeeva
Direction: Srinath

Director Srinath had always a slight flaw on his part of inserting as many as songs all throughout the film. Naturally, that scatters away the attention of audiences and likewise we’ve have his protégé who abruptly follows the same traits of his mentor. There are more songs that annoy you at certain points and similarly no importance is drawn for building up tension.

The film opens with a serious political drama getting on between relatives where the party leader (Saravanan) is reported to have been murdered by his own brother (Anand) who sets out to Coma and party’s senior member (Ponvannan) is shot on hand. So you get a clear picture on who committed murder. Then the story shifts towards to Azhagu (Daniel Balaji), a hi-tech thief befriending a petty thief Satya (Nithin Satya). On the similar tempos, their happy lives, and love tales and amidst you’ve police investigations getting around and a stranger threatening someone about evidence that results in commissioner (Kishore) from Mumbai landing up herein Chennai. So, how moves about the thriller based tale forms the crux.

Daniel Balaji has worked for the best endeavor of being monotonous all throughout the show. No issues! He wins best appreciations from the audiences while Nithin Satya evokes laughter with his nitty-gritty hilarious dialogues. Kishore is stunning on his looks and actions while Ponvannan, Anand, Chetan have done justice to their roles. Lakshmi Rai’s sizzling show of glamour steals your attention while Manchari is a new attraction in town. Kudos to this girl! She’s done a good job on playback track for ‘Azhagana Neeyum’ with Naresh Iyer. Rakhi Sawant – The voluptuous missy sends you transfixed.

Musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja is laudable and most the appealing scenes goes more highlighted with his background score. Salim’s cinematography is extraordinary. Aneez Jeeva should’ve polished the screenplay yet more fantastically avoiding loopholes and absurdities. Srinath makes a good start and has long way to go with successful journey as a filmmaker.

Bottom – Line: Fails to make a good impression

Verdict: Watch it once without expectations.

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