Review – Muniyandi

Cast: Bharath, Poorna, Vadivelu, Raja, Ponvannan, Thara and others
Banner: GD Lotus Five Star movies
Producer: Dutto Rena. Duraisingham Pillai
Story, screenplay, direction: ‘Metti Oli’ M.Thirimurugan
Dialogues: Bhaskar Shakthi
Music: Vidyasagar
Lyrics: Kavperarasu Vairamuthu
Camera: Vaithi
Stunts: Power Fast
Editing: M.Jayakumar

Followed by the grand success of Em-Magan, Mettioli fame Thirumurugan is back again wielding megaphone for another commercial flick that carries the theme of same sort centering on the father-Son relationship. But, unlike his debut movie, Muniyandi Moondram Vizhangiyal shores on the floors of love and power-packed action.

The story of Muniyandi Moondram Vizhangiyal goes this way…

Muniyandi (Bharath) is a well mollycoddled son of Muthumani (Ponvannan) and Yasodha (Thara). A zoology student at a local college, Muniyandi has a special relationship with his father and Muthumani indeed decides each and every deeds of his son. Such is the father-son relationship revealed here. Certain sequences reveal that Muthumani is so concerned about the care of his son for his elder son died miserably. Though Muniyandi is quite annoyed with his father’s kind of pampering, he goes in with accordance with each word of his father.

Well, he never fails to enjoy his college life with fun and frolic and soon falls in love with his new fresher girl Madhumitha (Poorna). As in many of the films, she happens to be the daughter of a local kingpin Ramayya (L.Raja). But what makes his characterization differ is that he isn’t a filthy arrogant man and everyone in the town loves and respects him. Even Muthumani has a great reverence for this big shot, since he has solved many of his problems on self-interest.

As Ramayaa gets to know about the affair between Muniyandi-Madhumitha and opposes it. Sooner, as Muniyandi approaches her to enter nuptials with him, she goes by her father side. This lands Muniyandi on topsy-turvy situation and out of frustration; he insults Madhumitha by slapping her with the slippers and setting fire to their coconut Groove. As soon as Ramayya’s opponents hear about this, they have Muniyandi roped into their team and make contest in the college elections. During this course of conflict, Muniyandi gets to know about a great mystery that will throw him into absolute shock.

Bharath as in his previous film Nepali does a decent job in all aspects of dance, action and comedy sequences. His combo with Vadivelu who performs the role of college attendant and exorcism as his side business is rib-trickling. Debutant Poorna does justice to her role and she is sure to have a great career in Kollywood. Vadivelu is back to the form adding more to the humor part. All the other actors especially Ponvannan and Director L. Raja have breathed lives in to the characters they have played. However, Raja portrayed as a baddie at certain extent looks odd.

Vidhyasagar’s music blended with Vairamuthu’s lyrics is a great treat for all. Be it fast numbers or melodious tunes, music directors comes up with an enchanting score.

Well, it’s the second time you have Director Thirumurugan hitting bull’s eyes with his eccentricity on commercial aspects and hope he continues to entertain audiences with his forthcoming flicks too….

Bottom – Line: A Sincere Attempt but fails at times

Verdict: OK

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