Review – Muni

Review – Muni

Cast : Raghava Lawrance, Raj Kiran, Vedhika, and Others
Producer : Gemini Productions
Director : Raghava Lawrance
Music : Baradwaj

Evil, spirit and split personalities are the few thriller stories in which our directors are masters. But in long run Tamil people are not convinced with the evil story, at the same time films like Chandramuki & Anniyan holds good record because of the Specific actors or directors.

Lawrence, as a director this time choose to do Novel based story “Muni”, in first hand we have to thank Producer Saran for his confidence on this novel based story. Since, story with hip-hop script and bit glamour is the preference of producer, but Muni has nothing do with Hip-Hop or Glamour. Like other directors to attract the audience Lawrence introduce huge star cast like Vinu Chakravarthy, Kovai Sarala and Rahul Dev in different roles to make the audience comfortable.

Like other films Vengeance and character of split personalities dominates in Muni, in order to show the story in different tilt the director brought Rajkiran as a Highlighter of the movie. First the movie stars with Lawrence and goes back to Flash Back, from the flash back story start to spin.

Ganesh (Lawrence) and his wife (Vedika), and Ganesh rented one house in Chennai, as usual Ganesh pounded with day-today schedule without knowing the House was surrounded with spirit. Ganesh, basically well disciplined person with clear habit able to sense the spirit in his house, before Ganesh react, spirit enters into Ganesh body. Now spirit starts telling the happenings, for which purpose it enters Ganesh body.

Muniyandi(Rajkiran) who earlier resides in the house. Muniyandi a good character man has lot of love for people, simultaneously people also respect Muniyandi for his good-doing, by sensing the importance of Muniyandi Local M.L.A Dhandapani, try to bring Muniyandi to his side for winning the local elections, after winning the election Muniyandi came to know M.L.A Dhandapani is not good human being, but it was too late for him. At the meantime Dhandpani’s gangster ousted Muniyandi. For tit-for-tat, Now Rajkiran Spirit entered into Ganesh’s Body.

Cinema mandate, at last hero should win at the any coast against the evil desire, so to capture the running script, director kept the vengeance scene in climax, as everybody knew Hero will be coming out with flying colors. Another important feature of Evil films are background music, Bharadwaj scored a good background music which keeps the audience on there toe. For Evil, lovers this film somewhat fulfill there stomach.


Verdict : Average

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