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Star-casts: C.P. Satyajit, Anuja Iyer, Charan, Keevna, Kumaravel, Vidhya Easwaran and 95 more characters.
Banner: Krsna Cinema
Production: Krishnan Seshadri Gomatam
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Krishnan Seshadri Gomatam
Music: Aslam Mustafa

Amidst of wrecking flicks hitting the screens, including this week’s release Pandhayam, Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai has something different to taste. Imagine, traits a protégé of Santhosh Sivan and P.C. Sriram would posses: a precise and never seen before script with spellbinding narration. Yup! let’s not take so long and long to describe this film. In simple terms, Mudhal Mudhal Mudhal Varai, as the title go brims up with a trendsetting theme. Not so complicated with complex story. 100 new characters, each playing important roles is something out of blue when it comes to Kollywood.

The film is about filmmaking. Don’t frizz up imagining being it like Vellithirai. It’s a first Metro Tamil film and something good to welcome. A youngster Hayagreev aka Haags (C P Satyajit), brimmed up with dreams of making a film, doesn’t find fortune falling on his way. His girl friend Sindhu (Anuja) is ready to marry him, but after he accomplishes his dream. His ideas about making film are not about bloodshed and violence. He takes up the theme of making film on first experiences: first love, first thrill, attraction of an adolescent boy and another lad getting vexed after falling in love.

Getting disappointed by various producers, Haags finds hope in one producer who is ready to produce the film, but the climax is unfinished. Meanwhile, Sindhu falls into coma, but Haags is sure about marrying her and before that pen the climax. Now gets into the scene, his assistant director Mahesh (Charan) where he just doesn’t accomplishes Haag’s dreams of scintillating climax, but something unexpected and shocking indeed, marking a great turn of fortune in Haag’s life.

So simple in its theme, Director Krishnan makes a decent start by letting Tamil Cinema introduced to metro themes. Something great to rejoice with and performance by new star- casts are appealing. At certain points, you feel its dragging, but the dialogues are so precise winning laurels from A centres.

Cinematography and Editing adds more to the richness of the film while Music isn’t so appealing. Performance by Satyajit is commendable while Anuja steals the show with her penchant mark. The film is sure to be liked by all multiplex audiences and a different treat for B and frontbenchers.

A great attempt by Director Krishnan and it would be nice if he had made this film after the launch of more multiplexes in Chennai…

Bottom – Line: Into the new line

Verdict: Off a different taste.

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