Review – Mozhi

Review – Mozhi

Cast : Pritivraj, Jothika, Prakashraj, Swarnamalaya, and Others
Producer : Duet Movies
Director : Radha Mohan
Music : Vidyasagar

Certain films like Mozhi, shows the original vision of charismatic cinema. At the intervening time we appreciate Prakash Raj & his Duet Movies for giving a world-class movie, which once again highlighted the brilliance of Prakash Raj. Regarding the film we can keep on praise the Mozhi team, no doubt in it.

Every success film has one plus point, which makes the films rocks at the cinema halls. Likewise in Mozhi, Prakash Raj-Prithviraj-Jothika- Swarnamalya axis is the center of attraction for this film and Radha Mohan’s Direction again plays vital role in framing the whole film. Director Radha Mohan, visualized the importance of Musical Love story, which so far not addressed by Kollywood, at the right time the Director highlighted and made a brilliant production Mozhi. Though story plays very minimal role, but in the way of screenplay is really mind-blowing.

Karthik (Prithviraj) a musician and he is accompanied by Viji (PrakashRaj), both are Keyboard Players and have lot of love for music. Meantime, Cinema mandate Karthi fall in love with Archana (Jothika) and he later on realize, Archana is a deaf and dumb girl; still Karthik didn’t lose his hope on Love. Still Karthik convinced him self she is the right girl for him, and then he stared acquainted with Sheela ( Swarnamalaya )who is the dear friend of Archana, from Sheela, Karthik learns Signals for communicating with Archana and slowly Archana & karthik friendship goes steady and prosperous. But Archana’s, view on Love is different from Karthik.

Rest of the Movie Revolves around Karthik how far he succeeds in securing Archana, with the help of Viji & Sheela. Emotion-Comedy-Love combination really worked in Mozhi, Prithiviraj & Jothika acting areexcellent, Prakash Raj’s Humor and Swarnamalaya presence was sensed thought the film.

Behind the screen: the film is basically a musical film, so Vidyasagar is very careful in composing the music, and Dialogue written by Viji is very impressive and simple to understand. At last Mozhi, showcased the language of Love-Mozhi.


Verdict : Must See

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