Review – Modhi Vilayadu

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Star-casts: Vinay, Kajol Agarwal, Yuva, Kalabavanmani, Santhanam, Tattoo Ram and many others.
Production: Media One Global Entertainment, Gemini Industries
Direction: Saran
Music: Hariharan-Leslie
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Cinematography: Karun
Editing: V.T. Vijayan

Director Saran hasn’t been so keen on making anything off-the-wall. Earlier, he had dealt with some interesting themes on his part and we are really perplexed why he has turned so pudden-headed on making this film. ‘Modhi Vilayadu’ could’ve been an apt title for some other mass-oriented film. But as the title, there isn’t anything more substantial over here.

One thing that attracts a lot towards is the charming guy Vinay who will carry you with more screen presence. Kajol Agarwal who merely doesn’t perform anything in special, but looks cute or else there isn’t much to appreciate about the film.

The film is about Udhay (Vinay) and his close friend Madhan (Debutant Yuva) who keep enjoying the wealth of Udhay’s dad Rajan Vasudevan (Kalabavanmani). Rajan is the leading kingpin on the criteria of being one of the 50 richest tycoons in world. Udhay and Madhan fall in love with the same girl L.R. Eeswari (Kajol Agarwal). But Udhay is puzzled to know that his dad is supporting Madhan’s love. Things turn to be more perplexed when Madhan is murdered. Udhay looses all his wealth, luxurious life and moreover he has to run for his life.

What happens next is all about Udhay’s mysterious past life getting unraveled.

The film is nothing but a partial polished work of Prashanth starrer ‘Star’ where Vijayakumar replaces Prashanth as the son to save his real son from clutches of his enemy. First half is completely filled with more annoying elements like rubbish love tale of Vinay and Kajol Agarwal. Does it happen in reality where you fix bond for a working servant to make up for the damaging a car. The second half too doesn’t carry strong part and only in the penultimate sequences there is something more interesting.

But the climax portion drifts down so slowly without any logic.

Pitiable music score by Hariharan-Leslie doesn’t fit the space. Nevertheless, background score is slight okay. Cinematography is sleek and editing by Vijayan is fine.

On the whole, ‘Modhi Vilayadu’ isn’t a worth watching movie filled with scatter-brained ideas.

Bottom – Line: Old Wine in New Bottle

Verdict: Dump Squib

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