Review – Mappillai

Production: Kalanidhi Maaran, Nemikchand Jhabak
Direction: Sooraj
Star-casts: Dhanush, Hansika Motwani, Manisha Koirala, Vivek, Aashish Vidyarthi and others
Music: Manisharma

For the God’s sake, we have a special advice for you… Don’t ever try risking with your time to watch ‘Mappillai’. It’s a pudden-headed flick from director Sooraj, who usually makes movies grabbing the scenes from several Hindi and Telugu movies. In no way, ‘Mappillai’ stands out to be a good entertainer. Sorry to say! If ‘Sura’ was the first absolute flop show, ‘Mappillai’ follows it without fail.

Mark our words; even if you haven’t watched the original version of ‘Mappillai’, this one will crack your heads forcing you to run for peace of mind. The best advice is that if you have already bought the tickets just tear it down and flush it down the toilet. It’s such a crap movie and you’ll surely regret for wasting 2 ½ hours of your life.

It’s a shocking fact to see Sooraj adding the credit of ‘Story’ under his name though he has exactly copycatted the exact story of Superstar’s movie. The original version had so much of praiseworthy traits while this one is so irritating from beginning till end.

Dhanush appears as Saravanan (Don’t know why Dhanush wants to project himself as the follower of Lord Murugan by having a title song in God’s praise and having the same name in almost all his movies). He pretends to be a nice guy and makes the beautiful fool Gayathri (Hansika Motwani) to fall in love with her. Her mom is none other than the most powerful business woman Rajeshwari (Manisha Koirala). You’ll get to know how powerful she is right from her introduction point where she blasts of a car (Hahahah). Assuming that Saravanan would be an obedient son-in-law heeding to her orders, she gets him married to her daughter. But then Saravanan reveals his true color.

Dhanush keeps us disappointed. He should have done such a movie at that time of ‘Thiruda Thirudi’. He has reached such an epitome of success as a good performer. With ‘Aadukalam’, he could gain more fans following him. But then why has to got to make such moves by picking up such movies. Hansika Motwani doesn’t deserve to be paid such a big money (she is reportedly paid a whooping amount of Rs. 1.5Crores as her remuneration). She can’t even give a good look or expression.

She keeps giggling thinking that it would give her bubbly looks and attract the audiences. To be precise, Thamannah is 10 times better than Hansika. Vivek is the only savior as he rocks with his laughter bound sequences. If there could be one reason that we ought to keep ourselves inside the theatres, it’s because of his presence. Especially his performance as a rich businessman in the second half is astounding.

Manisharma must get serious now. What happened to this musician? He gave a commendable music with Vijay’s ‘Shahjahan’. But apparently he started repeating the same style from his Telugu movies.

There is no good reason you must watch ‘Mappillai’. The film proves to be a below average fare and you better enjoy the IPL season instead of wasting your time here.

Verdict: A worst remake