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Star-casts: Sakthi, Sandhya, Keerthi Chawla, Saranya Mohan, Santhanam, ‘Kalyana Maalai’ Mohan, Vinodhini, Mohana Priya and many others.
Banner: Cool Productions
Production: Chida.Shenbaga Kumar
Direction: P.V. Ravi
Music: Vidhyasagar
Cinematography: K. Gunasekaran

‘Pidichirukku’ was indeed a good start by Cool Productions for it was a flick that didn’t carry any superstars or biggies on technical crew. If you are gonna enter the theatres with same expectations, you are sure to get back out with only disappointments. Producer as well Director of the film had their promos listing it’s a great family entertainer. Yeah! You’ve lots and lots of family members on the screen. But where are real emotions depicted? Again, they had their words of depicting the film as a pure romance. If so, where is romance? Not even a single shot binds our hearts emotionally. We get to watch the family members are not really bonded and naturalism is completely missing.

Oh! There are lots of noticeable flaws that aren’t acceptable by front benchers neither elite group. Let’s glimpse through the synopsis and get back analyzing the film more precisely.

It’s all a happy joint family dwelling in Kumbakonam and their well-featherbedded daughter Keerthi (Saranya Mohan) gets her alliance fixed. Well, she is keener that it’s her brother Mahesh (Sakthi) who has to decide whether bridegroom is suitable for her or not. Getting back from Chennai, he is so happy with the guy marrying his sister. Preparations for marriage commences and amidst of it Sakthi reveals of his love story that brings in Saranya (Sandhya) onto the screen. The entire family members are so happy about the girl and indeed eager to receive her. But things aren’t as cool and happy as expected for fate takes its turn…

Sakthi has no improvements on his quotients and is he trying to grab the post of ‘Yedhartha Nayagan’ is something questionable. His looks are excellent and likewise he has to opt for good scripts and characterizations. Sandhya can better quit acting for she is really pathetic and we can’t spare for her one-hit film ‘Kadhal’. She is unable to deliver one such praiseworthy task on her role while rest of the casts deserves same credits. It’s just a mediocre and unconvincing performance all of them except Santhanam and Srinath.

Musical score by Vidhyasagar is unbearable and soon he would step down lagging behind Sri Kanth Deva. Only couple of songs rendered by SPB is cool, but then picturesqueness spoils the entire work.

There isn’t anything to praise about debutant Ravi and looks like he should have been vividly influenced by Bollywood’s Rajashree Banners who churned out ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’, ‘Vivaah’ and family stories that were blockbusters there.

Bottom – Line: Disappointing flick

Verdict: Not worthy even for Time Pass…

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