Review – Magane En Marumagane

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Star-casts: Mithun, Vivek, Yamini Sharma, Thenmozhi, Nasser, Saranya, Meenal, Prabhu and others
Production: Raj TV Network Pvt. Ltd, Muthulakshmi Movies
Direction: T.P. Gajendran
Music: Dheena

Aiyo! How do producers afford to make such non-sense films, when there is lots of ways to meddle around with other interesting themes? T.P. Gajendran has been such a poor filmmaker, who cannot evoke laughter at any extent and precisely he and his crew would keep laughing out for the irritating comedy tracks they spell.

‘Magane En Marumagane’ is one such film that annoys you badly putting you restless all throughout the film. The very basic presentation of this film itself looks like a village affected with plague as every character on the screen looks like dullards.

Oh! Vivek tries to pull him up as a lead actor by standing on different shoes, but most of his worst double meaning dialogues are like diamond on pig’s snout.

The film is about a Zamindar (Nasser) and his wife (Saranya) caring a lot for their children Ponnarasi (Yamini Sharma) and younger song Raghu (Mithun). Enters Sringaram (Vivek), a good for nothing person, who spends most of his time gambling and exploiting his money over it. He manages to marry Ponnarasi, by impressing her parents and receives a pessimistic approach from Raghu. It gradually leads to alienation amongst family members and Sringaram is imprisoned for a murder case. Meanwhile, tiff breaks out between family members with the intrusion of evil uncle (Livingstone).

Soon after getting released from prison, Sringaram sets an ambitious goal of becoming rich. His overnight success in Real Estate gains him a new revival and he immediately rushes to announce the happy news to his in-laws, only to find their lives are devastated.

What forms next is the earnest efforts of Sringaram to reunite the family members that ends with a climax inspired from real life heart transplantation story.

Vivek tries to emote properly even at sentimental sequences, but has to improvise a lot on those aspects. His encounters while searching the proper houses during second half is a good show while Paravai Muniyamma is annoying with her close-up shots. Nasser and Saranya can be better honored as best father and mother for having performed the same role over and again in more than 100 films.

Mithun looks so sick and maybe he wanted to give that feel for the role he played. Yamini Sharma doesn’t evolve for a good show.

Prabhu’s cameo role is good and enhances the feel during climax. The film looks like a serial in small screen due to poor and pathetic presentation of technical aspects – Music, Cinematography and Editing.

There are few chances for this film to be received well across the C centres in villages and towns, but not definitely in cities.

Bottom – Line: Not a Son or a Marumagan

Verdict: Poor and Pitiable family.

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