Review – Madharasapattinam

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Banner: AGS Entertainment, Red Giant Movies
Production: Kalpathy S Agoram
Direction: A.L. Vijay
Star-casts: Aarya, Amy Jackson, Nasser, V.M.C. Haneefa, Bala Singh, M.S. Bhaskar, Omar, Periya Karuppu Devar, Balaji and others
Music: G.V. Prakash
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Editing: Anthony
Art: V. Selvakumar

Vijay is too young for having dealt with such a complex genre. The 2-yr old filmmaker should have at least got a heart-and-soul of contents to attract the audiences. Being a romantic tale on different grounds, ‘Madharasapattinam’ was expected to carry the emotional bond of romance crossing the ages. Regrettably, it has realms of love that doesn’t actually touch the audiences.

Let’s start off with the film’s synopsis following the clear-cut analysis.

The film opens with old Amy on her death bed wanting to visit Chennai. We do see her holding wedding knot in her hands. On her journey, she looks back into the past as the story shifts to 1947 of old Madharasapattinam. Amy (Amy Jackson), British Governor’s daughter arrives in Chennai and falls in love with a Herculean Dhobi Ilamparithi (Aarya). What attracts her to him is really unknown? But both of them fall in love and as it happens with many other commercial movies, the oppositions are more and finally it’s all about love dwelling in their hearts forever.

Sooner after the flashback is over, the old Amy reaches Chennai to find a heart-wrenching truth about her beau.

So, what makes ‘Madharasapattinam’ so special? It’s the outstanding technical details that serve the rich visuals. Nirav Shah’s cinematography is crème de la crème as it showcases a paradise like Chennai. It’s nice to see the Coovam River pictured in the backwaters of ECR and merged with the Chennai Central Station and Bridge over the top. The Washermanpet set works by Selvakumar was stunning.

If you are looking out for a reason to watch Madharasapattinam, these two personalities top over the charts. Amy Jackson looks awesome as she mesmerizes the audiences with her enchanting looks and even during the scenes she tries to utter Tamil, the actress is good. Aarya as the Herculean chap looks stunning and his emotions are splendiferous. Nasser and VMC Haneefa fill the screen space with best performances and Omar playing Aarya’s friend is also extraordinary. But to watch him dying in the unnamed desolated Government Hospital when his paisano has more trusts and hospitals at present is illogical.

The songs by G.V. Prakash are just average while the young chap exaggerates the background score at many parts.

On the whole ‘Madharasapattinam’ lacks more substance n romantic quotients and independence era’s backdrops are completed wasted.

Bottom – Line: A journey unworthy!!!

Verdict: Don’t opt for this journey.