Review – Maamadurai

Review – Maamadurai

Cast : Vasan Karthik, Muthuna, Vadivelu, Seetha and Others
Producer : Kumar
Director : Krishnan
Music : Karthik Raja

The old storyline of Tamil cinema, a poor boy fall in love with rich girl is ideal concept in Tamil cinema in late 80’s & early 90’s. This kind of story loomed largely in Kollywood. But the technology advancement and change in Life style had changed the way of cinema in Kollywood. For example, Rajni’s Sivaji is ample proof of Kollywood way for producing movie.

In this stage the movie like Maamadurai has very little scope to play. Even then the director had K.K Krishnan able to cope up with given time and space. New face Vaasan Karthik and Mithuna enacted the lead play, besides Delhi Ganesh, Vadivelu, Karunas, Mayilsami, Sita & Kottai Kumar featuring in prominent role in this film.

The story starts in Madurai Railway station, where Saravanan (Vaasan Karthik) is a coolie and he was accompanied by his friends Karunas & Mayilsami. Saravanan is go-header spends his life like-that with his friends. One day Saravanan found one mobile phone lying unclaimed in railway station and he comes to know that was belonging to Nandini (Mithuna). Then Saravanan will go to Nandini’s home and hand over the phone, by the time he came to know Nandini is sister of politician Kumar (Kottai Kumar).

The intro between Saravanan & Nandini grew into friendship and later on it became love. Kumar is aware of his sister love affair, so he tries to separate the couple by means of force, even then Saravanan and Nadini love was steady. At another end, Saravanan came to know about his mother presence through Church-Father (Delhi Ganesh), Father helping Saravanan to find his mother (Sita).

Whether Saravanan able to find his mother? And his crucial love with Nandini is the climax frame of the film Maamadurai. Actor Vaasan Karthik done a good role, the Heroine also played very decent role in this film. Apart from that Vadivelu’s Comedy in second track is not helping the story in any way, but the Comedy sounds ok. Besides, Karunas & Maillsamy combination in first-half is ok. Music scored by Karthika Raja sounds OK.

At concluding remark, the film had made the flight successfully without any interpret.

Verdict : Average