Review – Lee

Review – Lee

Cast : Sibiraj, Nila, Prakash Raj, and Others
Producer : Sathyaraj ( Nadhambal Film Factory )
Director : Prabhu Solomon
Music : D.Imman

Sibi, this time turned to audience with lot of emotions and action to proclaiming himself as a action Hero, in his latest release Lee. Kokki Fame Solomon directed this film, like Kokki director Solomon repeated his hallmark story once again without any difference, producer Sathyaraj also very keen in making an action based story with his son Sibi. Actress Nila has also put some efforts in acting and done something for the overall outcome of Lee.

Even in his last movie Kokki Director Solomon projected Karen as a haircutter, which was an entry of the hero, this time Director Projected Sibi as a Football player. Idea of Director Solomon wants to project something different so the character gains some weight age in screenplay and the roles get some popularity.

Leelatharan (Sibi) as called as Lee, he hang over with his friend and making some money out of their daily jobs to purchase a Gun. Lee & Co at last brought the gun and Failed to assassin a Central Sports Minister. Meantime Chellam (Nila) working for a mentally challenged people recognize Lee, who try to assassin the Minister.

Now, Lee tells about his past to Chellam and how his Football team members and team coach Butthiran (Prakash Raj) has been humiliated and send out from the college by Rangabashyam (Jahir) present Minister, and Rangabashyam by using his political power he suppressed Lee & Co team, and not allowed to participate in national level meets even though they were qualified to participate, meantime one of the Lee friend commit suicide while team striving to get the set in national meet.

This event takes a sharp turn in Lee’s mind and Lee take oath to annihilate Rangabashyam gang completely. And rest of the story revolves around the final phase action between Lee and the Minister, and story ends with whether Lee able to secure Chellam and his friends or not. Prakash Raj role has not gained any momentum in course of screenplay, Nila-Sibi love also lacking passion while summing up the story.

Behind the screen, Music scored by D. Imman and background music sounds horrible. And another hero behind the screen is Camera man Rajesh who has worked hard to capture the live Football matches and Director liveliness in shooting the film in outdoors and camera work played pivotal play in framing the Lee.

Sibi’s action hero ambition was partially fulfilled in Lee, but Sibi has to face lot of challenges to become full fledge hero.


Verdict : Below Average

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