Review – Laadam

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Star-casts: Aravindhan, Charmi, Kota Srinivasa Rao and others.
Production: J.P. Kumar, D.Y. Choudary
Direction: Prabhu Solomon
Music: Dharan

Prabhu Solomon had brimmed with spellbinding flicks with ‘Kokki’ and ‘Lee’ that was more capturing everyone’s interest though there were no leading heroes on the title cards. Of course, he was ennobled for this best act and now here’s something more disastrous from the same director. In fact, it’s an interesting plot that Prabhu Solomon offers us, but it goes more bounded with clichéd screenplay and most of the parts of easily interpretable.

An youngster comes to Chennai seeking for a job at Software Consultancy. But things aren’t as he expected as his words take him culminating his life… It’s almost alike the words said by director ‘You cannot stop any word flowing from your mouth. On the pars, you can’t prevent the consequences created out of it…

Aravindan comes to Chennai for the sake of pursuit on a job. Residing at his friend’s place, henchmen of a leading gangster (Kota Srinivasa Rao) capture him for the sake of debts that his friend was supposed to pay. Over there, Aravindan lets his tongue to unnecessary things and there comes his fate where he is assigned to bump of another leading gangster. But, when Aravindan approaches the opponent and conveys this message instead of a carrying through this task. In turn, those men shatter and kill him, They record everything through the video and mail it across to Kota Srinivasa Rao. Later, there enters Charmi who gets linked to this serious issue…. What’s actually happening around? With all theses guesses, we ought to wait and watch for the second half.

Everything is perfect in the film including screenplay and gripping narration. But what made the director to lose the pace in latter half is what it puzzles us. Aravindan Charmi have done justice to their roles. But the characterization depicted on Charmi is something out of blue as there are no such modern girls right now in town carrying through housekeeping jobs. Kota Srinivasa Rao is in fact the most happening actor on the screen for he rules with his astounding characterization.

Musical score by Dharan is captivating upto some extent while cinematography is above mediocre. If Prabhu Solomon had geared up for an interesting screenplay in the second half with more twists and turns, the film would have been a real sensation. But nothing happens as you expected…

Bottom – Line: Unappealing substances all throughout

Verdict: Watch it once if there is no option…

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