Review – Kuttrapathirikai

Review – Kuttrapathirikai

Cast : Ramki, Rahman, RamyaKrishnan, Mansoor Ali Khan, and Others
Producer : Rajesh Yadhav
Director : R.K.Selvamani
Music : Illayaraja

Going back to History, Director Selvamani had taken the political twist behind the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination, when Rajiv Gandhi was contending in election rally in Tamil Nadu this assassination plot took place near Sriperumabathur.

In fact if the film released 15years before the whole story will be different, but due to censor board ban, the film was sent to black box. But still Director Selvamani didn’t loss his hope to bring back the film Kuttrapathirikai and successfully launched the film to hit the screens in Tamil Nadu.

Kuttrapathirikai speaks not only the assassination it also viewed through the investigative method of Police in approaching the Terrorist organization. Director emphasized more on cinematic method in handling the script, though the film was surrounded by investigation, but director taken in commercial way to make the film “Budget Hit”.

If the director tried in making the film in full length investigation movie, it might be a path breaker film for the director Selvamani, but he had taken this whole movie on his famous masala type of script which made the film, bit serious less approach to Prime Minister Assassination.

Ramakrishnan (Ramki) and Arun (Rahman) both are ACP’s and colleagues, as cinema mandate Ramakrishnan fall in love with Divya( Ramyakrishnan), and Arun loves Geetha (Roja), these two couples get married, but due to some misunderstanding between Arun & Geetha makes them depart, in the flash back. Mean time the Rajiv Gandhi assassination was carried out by Sivarasan & co and they get hide in Bangalore.

As a special officer Karthikeyan (Vijayakumar) is taking in charge to find the odd peoples. With the help of two ACP’s Ramakrishnan & Arun, Karthikeyan tracking the network in Tamil Nadu, at last they able to find the Sivarasan gang hiding in Bangalore, in a successful operation Ramakrishnan tries to capture the Sivarasn allies, but unfortunately Ramakrishnan able to capture only the dead bodies of the terrorist organization.

And rest was mixed with Masala and resemblance of “Captain Prabhakaran” is seen some were between the stories of the Kuttrapathirikai. As a special officer karthikeyan, plays important role but at last karthikeyan was not seen in the picture and the story drives the concept behind the script which makes the film uncertain.

It is a successful story, but technology advancement and cinematographer angles looks out dated. But still Anupam Kher in Rajiv Gandhi role suits him well, besides all star cast made there full effort to bring the film successful.

Verdict : Below Average

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