Review – Kutrappirivu

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Star-casts: Srikanth, Prithviraj, Kamalini Mukherji, Kadhal Thandapani and many others.
Production: Green Apple Productions
Direction: Manmohan
Music: Chakri

This film is completely sickening as it slugs hardly throughout the show as neither first hour nor the latter half is better. The basic storyline is so confusing and irksomely bounded as it may urge to run out of theatres much prior to intermission.

What really Manmohan had in his mind while penning the script? Were the producers hammered up when they went through his script? Oops! You’ll walk out yelling this crap piece.

A Telugu film that should have been made before couple of decades would have got few accolades for Manmohan. There is nothing unique about this film as not even a single trait is worth praising about.

Well, Srikanth has improvised a lot with maturations in his performances while Prithviraj is quite impressive on his part. But how come the Malayalam actor could strain himself by picking a subtle role that in no way acts as a stepping ladder in his career.

‘Kutrappirivu’ is all about clash between good and evil in police department. A sincere cop Ravinder (Srikanth) has been into the service precisely to fulfill his father’s wish, a honest cop and yet paid with a bad price for it. Then Ravikanth (Prithviraj), who behaves so well at first and later, is shown to be involved in illegal acts of threatening big-shots for ransom.

What follows next is what you exactly might have looked out for? It’s just about Ravinder trying to reveal the true colors of Ravikanth to the police department.

A very poor Z-graded Andhra Masala film that in no way would either attract Telugu or Tamil audiences… Sorry to say! Manmohan could have avoided making such a tenuous script that is deliberately weak in all terms. Kamalini Mukherji has been wasted as she doesn’t get any scope to perform and the other heroine is moreover like a recently released asylum patient. Maybe, it’s hard to believe, but the blame is on director Manmohan, who could portray her in such a characterization with goof-like-costumes.

None of the songs are good and how come the makers Okayed the music after hearing it at the recording studio. It looks like few filmmakers get into the showbiz with just a dream to see their credits rolling over the title and no basic knowledge.

Srikanth has to get himself for a better act in romantic sequences as he looks like ‘Curd Rice’ in such shots. But as mentioned before, he’s extraordinary over the action oriented scenes and exhibiting the perfect mannerisms of a cop.

Cinematography is so poor and editing is rapid like an amateur learner handling it.

On the whole, ‘Kutrappirivu’ is a sickening experience and you can better avoid it.

Bottom – Line: Watching this is a crime

Verdict: Very Poor….

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