Review – Kuselan

Star-casts: Rajnikanth, Pasupathy, Meena, Vadivelu, Nayanthara, Prabhu, Kushboo, Manobala, M.S.Bhaskar, Viyapuri, Santhanabharathy, Sundarajan and many others.
Banner: Kavithalaya Productions, Seven Art Films
Released by: Pyramid Saimira
Story: Srinivasan
Screenplay, dialogues and direction: P.Vasu
Music: G.V.Prakash
Cinematography: Aravind Krishna

Stupendous! Marvelous! Wordless! It’s so surprising to see that Director Vasu has churned out a best movie in his entire career. And the most exhilarating aspect here is that Superstar Rajnikanth appearing in an embodiment. Getting through his career with flicks that has lots of heroisms, punch dialogues and action stunts, Rajnikanth proves of his ability in performing a role that he hasn’t donned earlier. Performing the role of superstar himself may be something new to all of us, because we happen to see the life of Rajnikanth behind the screens.

Enigma of his Himalayan visits, his idea about entering into politics and the most evoking question of why great actors like him and Kamal Haasan show off more with lay persons? Rajnikanth has his precise answers to each and every questions and that’s something more convincing for his fans.

Let’s take a look at synopsis of this movieā€¦

The film centers on Barber Balan (Pasupathy) in a village leading a dilapidated life with his wife Sreedevi (Meena) and three school -going kids. Balan owns a barber shop that is hardly visited by anyone. Added to this problematic situation, his business turns out to be more pathetic when his competitor Shamugham (Vadivelu) opens a new hair styling Salon that has modern accessories. Despites his poor condition, Balan never gives up his dignity. Unable to meet everyday’s needs, his entire family suffers a lot with the children getting thrown out of school for not paying fees.

It is now, a film crew arrives in the town for a shooting and hero of the film is none other than Superstar Ashok (Rajnikanth). Ashok happens to be the childhood friend of Balan and soon this news is spread all throughout the entire village. Now, everyone in the village are ready to do anything for Balan and all that they want from him is to introduce them all to Ashok. However, Balan is reluctant to meet his childhood friend thinking whether Ashok would remember him.

We are sure that last 20mins of the film is sure to fill your eyes with tears as Superstar Rajnikanth cries out speaking about his friend. Perhaps, his naturalistic performance is so revealing of his real life character of how he adores his friends.

Meena has the same performance as it was in the original version of Katha Parayumpol and women audiences would surely love her role as well that of kids. But in contrast, Nayanthara doesn’t utter even single dialogue in the film and P.Vasu has roped her in just to shake her legs with Rajnikanth and for glamour quotient. Vadivelu dominates the screen with his rib-trickling comedy tracks. Especially, his performance as a surprised person on meeting Superstar wins him applause. Prabhu appearing as a police officer is nothing but an irrelevant character.

The entire film is carried with lots of fun, frolic and emotions, but for some it may be dragging till Superstar appears on the screen with the song ‘Cinema Cinema’. Well, the song has lots to cheer about the way Rajnikanth appears and its tribute to 75yrs of Tamil Cinema is a nice one.

G.V.Prakash does a good job adding more life to the screen with his background score. His musical score the melody, ‘Sollu Sollu’ carries us along with the tune. Perhaps, Aravind Krishna’s cinematography makes the film look more enriched. His depiction of the parts involving Rajni and Pasupathy is really a great job.

On the whole, Kuselan is a movie that redefines many sayings, “Maatha Pitha Guru, Nalla Nanban, Deivam” and “Nalla Nanban Amaivadhlellum Iraivan Thandha Varam”

Bottom – Line: Rajnikanth’s tribute to friendship

Verdict: Strictly recommended to watch

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