Review – Kuruvi

Starring: Vijay, Trisha, Vivek, Suman, Manivannan, Saranya and many others
Banner: Red Giant Productions
Production: Udayanidhi Stalin
Direction: Dharani
Music: Vidyasagar

Alas! It’s a great disappointment for not just Vijay fans, but for audiences who expected a lot from Director Dharani. Director who earlier rocked with blockbuster flicks like Dhill, Dhool and Ghilli has completely presented us with a film that has nothing attractive. All throughout the film, you have the lots of absurdities that will get you annoyed. Well, we are sure even the surest fans of Vijay would been greatly discomfited. Vijay jumping from the height of 150ft bridge and getting hold of a running train at high speed.

The film opens with tycoon Suman and Ashish Vidhyarthi as local MLA at a village in Andhra Pradesh troubling a big group of lay people as their slaves for digging diamonds from the ground illegally. Manivannan is one among them and unable to bear the suffering, he bursts out in anger assuring the baddies that his son will surely get it retaliated.

The scene immediately switches over to 20 minutes of visual kind of advertisement for Car racing, where we have the hero Vetrivel (Vijay) winning it and then followed by a title song where he shakes his leg with Malavika. But sooner, trouble falls on his way when a stranger along with his group asks him and his family to vacate the house.

Situations force him to fleet for Malaysia along with his friend played Vivek as a carrier and over there he has to face unexpected sequences that will let the hidden dark mysteries revealed.

Getting on with the performance, Vijay does a stupendous job when it comes to stunts and dance, but you know something? A person jumping from a long height, breaking a tree by kicking it is something that will make you laugh instead applause for. If Vijay continues to go for same kind of stuffs, then we are sure that Ilayathalapathy will overtake Telugu Superstar Balakrishnan who does more unbelievable comedic stunts like Kicking the track and re-routing the train from one platform to another and Mahesh Babu who breaks the wall into bricks just with a fist of hand.

Trisha on the other hand has nothing when compared to Jyothika’s performance in Dhool as directed by Dharani. Her dance is horrible and emoting to the situations are also not up to the expectations. Vivek is the only convincing part for the film and he makes you laugh to peak with his rib-trickling comedy tracks right throughout the first half. But the greatest flaw is Dharani putting an end to him in the second half.

Suman looks so bubbly that he is not apt for the negative role and it would have been nice if he was termed with starting lines of the song ‘Molu Molunu’.

Though couple of songs has been tuned in well like title song ‘Dandana Darna’ and ‘New Year Song’, other songs aren’t placed properly and it looks odd and makes you yawn with few. And you get vexed with the stunts, for they form major portion of the film. If stunts in the film are extracted, then duration of the movie would be hardly for 60mins.

Few traces of Telugu movie Bangaru directed by Dharani and stunt scenes imitated from Mahesh Babu Starrer Nandu are easily blatant.

As a whole, Kuruvi is a movie that can be watched for those who love lots of stunts without a gripping story and screenplay. A treat for diehard fan of Vijay and nothing special from Dharani who raised our expectations and now dashing it all…

Bottom – Line: Refund your tickets

Verdict: Not worth watching…

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