Review – Koodal Nagar

Review – Koodal Nagar

Cast : Bharath, Bhavana, Sandhya, Mahadeven and Others
Producer : Annamalai Films Pvt limited
Director : Cheenu Ramaswamy
Music : Sabesh Murali

“After Veyil, Bharath made his solo attempt in Koodal Nagar as a dual role, along with two pleasant heroines; The movie looks commercial with extra room to Sentiments and revenge.”

Bharath made his job simple in Koodal Nagar, like his previous movie Veyil, Kadhal & Pattiyal. Koodal Nagar also lingers around revenge with a sentiment movie screenplay. The debutant director Cheenu Ramasamy made a brave attempt in making of Koodal Nagar, it’s not a simple job to narrate Dual role character with out much difference, but director proved his capability by making the film on track. Koodal Nagar story is not new to Tamil cinema but the way of screen play and creativity of the director made the film new.

At the same time there is lot of gap in making of the film which was very visible seen, unnecessary song sequence in first half, slow pace of screenplay, so mach of sadness makes the audience little upset, and then it was rectified in second half. Where the story starts to pick up, and in the climax director & Bharath able to keep the audience on there toes, which makes the film a valid one.

As usual the film starts in rural village next to Madurai, Thiruparankundram. Soori (Bharath) eldest son in his family and his younger brother is Chandran (Bharath) both are twins looks similar, but there habitual is entirely different. Soori is calm soft spoken working in nearby lending library, Chandran is tough in nature always believe in might is right, work as a mortuary assistant in Government hospital. In order to fill up the romance gap, two heroines Bhavana & Sandhya are been imported. Soori falls in love with Manimekalai (Bhavana) daughter of local politician Namasivyam MLA (Mahadevan), Chandran also find one girl near to his house called Selvi (Sandhya). And the love story of the twins moves very silently.

Besides, Chandran used to work with local MLA Namasivyam during free hours, and both Chandran and local MLA shares good relationship. But suddenly, Namasivyam came to know that his daughter Manimekalai is love with Soori, so the Politico-Don hire local rowdy to eliminate Soori, but the hired Rowdies targets Chandran who is well versed with quarrel escapes from the bid, but Chandran was pretty confused about the happening, at the mean time hired rowdies finishes his elder brother Soori, after this cold blood murder Chandran able recognize the MLA hand behind this attack, here the climax starts and run about 20 minutes, a full length stunts and murders was captured by the director.

The Tit for tat really works with Bharath, for the first time Bharath enacted the dual role character, which shows his maturity and durability in cine world. Bharath able to come out with good body gesture and body language which is not easy to express, because Soori’s character needs a slow and clam approach, in the case of Chandran’s role it needs lot of face expressions and fast moving to show his passion. In these two roles Bharath had done a remarkable job.

Director also made his full effort in making of Koodal Nagar, and the two heroines Bhavana & Sandhya made their presence through out the film. Music director Sabesh Murali comes out with a good tunes in order to suit the village background with dance sequence. Added to that camera man MS Prabhu helped the Director to make the movie live.

Koodal Nagar, is really a commercial film with rural story, which will ensure “Money back”.

Verdict : Good

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