Review – Kodaikanal

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Star-casts: Thilak, Sekar, Poorna, Alex, Senthil, Scissor Manohar, Vadivukarasi.
Banner: Swarnalakshmi Movies
Screenplay and Direction: K. Bose
Story: Ragu
Dialogues: Kanmani Raja
Music Director: Deva

Of course, it’s been the era of top-charting big budget flicks hitting the screens and many of them letting down our hopes. Really, even the most anticipated films of superstars like Rajnikanth, Ajith and Vijay have let us down. For a greater surprise, the films that hadn’t raised our prospects did really well and Nayagan could be the illustrious flick. And now, with Vaaranam Aayiram hitting screens and running successfully, here comes one more release on the same day ‘Kodaikanal’ releasing along with it.

It’s a jolly ride as the film opens with smart theft acts of young pals (Thilak and Shekar).. These guys are there on stealing at the nook and corners of the city. The most favorite of cops in town, this duo are stuck in trouble once as they hop-skip into a moneylender’s house and finds him dead. For the crime they haven’t committed, they are held as culprits and cops are there chasing them. Their best option of hide-out is nowhere and suddenly head to Kodaikanal, the hilly region of chilled climate and lovable scenarios.

A parallel storyline takes us to an upcoming actress (Poorna) is attempted to be molested by her producer. She has no one to take refuge since her own mother and uncle urges her to be the victim for the money they get. With no options left, she elopes from her house and heads for the hilly forest regions of Kodaikanal…. It’s where these thieves and young good looking actress meet and develop good friendship. Following this is the beauteous love story (not triangular one) and then it isn’t clichéd love tale. The latter half strikes audiences with unexpected twists and turns pushing everyone to the edge of seats with nail biting sequences of shocks and suspense.

It doesn’t look like the young actors Thilak and Sekar are debutants. It’s a matured performance by these lads. Be it a fun-filled sequences or thrill-bounded shots, they emote straight from their shoulders without any flaws. Poorna isn’t just good looking in appearance, her performance has finesse on every aspects: her gestures and style of uttering of dialogues. Alex as cruel uncle and Vadivukarasi as actress’s mother get into the skin of characters. Senthil and Scissor Manohar add to the humor quotients with their rib-trickling comedy tracks….

It’s not as you see in other films where the director wants to add more credits as a scriptwriter, screenplay designer, dialogues, direction and other technical aspects too. We have K. Bose penning an interesting screenplay and fine direction of gripping-script crafted by Ragu. Kanmani Raja’s dialogues could have been bit crispy.

Capturing the most adept scenic lulus of Kodaikanal, Ravidran merits the best credits for top-notching cinematography. The cool-cherishing colors take us to a pleasant watch of the movie.

On the whole, Kodaikanal is a film that offers a different and relishing to the audiences. In fact, if this team had got the biggest producers in town churning out this film, it would have been really a bigger show… Hope! The high-time producers are watch this film and Bose has to continue making good films of the same sort.

Bottom – Line: A moderate movie to watch

Verdict: Dump

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