Review – Kathikappal

Star-casts: V.N. Anoop Kumar, Prem, Thalaivasal Vijay, Chandrabose, Thennavan, Poorintha, Meera Vasudevan and many others.
Banner: Gajanana Movies
Production: V. Baktha
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction: Dinesh Selvaraj
Music: Sri Sai, R. Sakithya

A protégé of Mani Rathnam: this one really sounds good. Perhaps, over for a very long period of time, protégés of veteran ace director have witnessed good welcome. Be it Susi Ganesh, Azhagam Perumal, Priya and anyone else, everyone seems to have fetched good credits. So, does Dinesh Selvaraj take on along this long-listed queue of famous directors. Let’s check it out after glimpsing through the synopsis.

The film opens with a forest brigand Veeranna (resembling Veerappan) in character abducting a Minister and demanding for Rs. 5 Crores. The next shot reveals that cops have bumped off the forest brigand and in the course of it, both Minister and a doctor Parivallal (Prem) have been killed. Speaking to the PRESS, those 5 cops have say that the notorious man was bumped off and he had killed Minister. Also adds that he approached doctor for treatment, he refused to do so and hence even he was killed by him.

After couple of decades, family members of Doctor observe 20th anniversary of Paarivallal and his wife Saral Jeevajothi (Meera Vasudevan) is still despaired. All of sudden, enters Joseph Prakash (Anoop) who says that he is none other than re-incarnated Paarivallal. The entire village is shocked and what else?

So, what happens next? Is this is a normal story of protagonist taking revenge in his re-birth or there is something more than it? Definitely, Katthikappal has something more to offer with a thriller ride of 105mins filled with chills and thrills….

Dinesh Selvaraj has well worked on script, but the screenplay in second half should have been bit crisp. Perhaps, it would have been more interesting if the suspense was unraveled during the climax part rather than breaking it in the first few minutes of second half.

Anoop Kumar does a neat job and can surely expect a great future in film industry. Poornitha can better quit performing female leads and continue with her child artist roles. Yes, she is still a kid and we are not able to fix her in a matured role. The biggest flaw is taking her into this role and Dinesh Selvaraj should have worked on this aspect properly.

Meera Vasudevan’s performance is extraordinary while Thalaivasal Vijay, Prem. Thennavan, Chandrabose and everyone in the screen have breathed lives on their characterizations.

Musical score by Sri Sai and R. Sakithya aren’t so convincing in songs. Well, background score offers good dimension to the pace of screenplay. Abdul Kalam’s cinematography and Annamalai’s editing is a neat work.

Perhaps, if corporate companies had undertaken the production works, Dinesh Selvaraj would have crafted the film so well. For sure, corporate production houses would surely take note of his good work and offer him more opportunities…

On the whole, Katthi Kapal with a new story offers something new to audiences who are prone to normal masala stuffs filled with vulgarity and unwanted aspects. Film buffs would yearned to watch something different in Kollywood would really love this film…

Bottom – Line: Good theme of mediocre

Verdict: Good start by debutants…

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