Review – Kanthaswamy

Star-casts: Vikram, Shriya Charan, Prabhu, Krishna, Aashish Vidyarthi, Vadivelu and many others
Banner: V Creations
Production: Kalaipuli S Dhanu
Direction: Susi Ganeshan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Bad, this wasn’t something we expected. How can a filmmaker ardently go ahead and make such a terrible flick emptying the pockets of producer. ‘Kanthaswamy’ that was reported to have been churned out at a big budget has finally hit the screens today.

Sorry to say! Maybe producer Kalaipuli S Dhanu would have got his pockets filled and so the distributors as well. How about the audiences who spent their money for tickets… Know what? The film disappoints you very badly from alpha-till-omega with insubstantiality in story and screenplay as well.

Getting on with performance, Vikram stuns well with an awe-inspiring performance. Be the portions where he flies as superhero or the spellbinding stunt sequences. But, we have to wonder how Susi Ganesh spent so much time in penning such a flimsy script. There is nothing new and innovative in this script. Sorry to say – Kalaipuli S Dhanu adds one more flop-list on his big budgeted films.

The film kick-starts in Kanthaswamy temple where throngs are gathering for regular prayers to their problems to be resolved…. And on the same night, the superhero Kanthaswamy solves their affairs of financial help and whatsoever in need. Cut to – we see Kanthaswamy (Vikram), a leading CBI officer on the hunt of hardcore businessmen holding lot of black money. He has his boss (Krishna) instructing the lad to get on for ventures successfully. Meanwhile, he comes across Subulakshmi (Shriya Charan), daughter of a sole rich person (Aashish Vidyarthi), whose complete black money is seized by Kanthaswamy. She hatches a plan to make him fall for her to reciprocate the vengeance.

Next follows certain sequences where the connection between the superhero, Kanthaswamy and others backing him is revealed.

Shriya Charan looks obscene all throughout the film. The most pathetic part is that every song looks like a commercial ad for ‘condoms’ we very often spot on TV. Shriya can better quit the films, go ahead and act in ‘soft porn’.

Pardon us for this awful verdict, but we are left wordless with this annoying performance. Prabhu’s performance is good while Krishna is outstanding. Vadivelu’s portion could’ve been avoided as he fails to evoke laughter in more portions. Mansoor Ali Khan delivers certain mirthful elements and nothing else. Aashish Vidyarthi is perfect.

Devi Sri Prasad fails terribly in tuning good melodies. Except the last song ‘En Paeru Meenakumari’, nothing is worthy heeding to. As well the background score is fine only during last 20mins. Cinematography looks over rich with thick tones and continuous cuts in editing spoils the visual enhancements.

On the whole, ‘Kanthaswamy’ would’ve been better if Susi Ganeshan had penned an interesting story, convincing screenplay, opting someother heroine, avoiding Vadivelu, deleting couple of songs.

But, well now, the film is okay when compared to previous releases of this year.

Bottom – Line: Interesting in few parts

Verdict: You can watch it once if you wish

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