Review – Kandha Kottai

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Star-casts: Nakul, Poorna, Santhanam, Sampath and others
Production: ESK Films, AGS Entertainment
Direction: Sakthivel S
Music: Dheena

One thing that really fails our filmmakers from making good movies is the fact that they’re blindfolded with the concept of beating the same bush again and again. This is applicable for the producers and actors, who strictly demand their directors to craft a similar script of their previous films.

‘Kandha Kottai’ reminisces ABOUT the formulas from hundreds of various Tamil commercial films, which revolves around a hero saving heroine from the clutches of villain.

You walk into the theatres even after 50mins, there’s nothing you could’ve missed. Probably, ‘Kandha Kottai’ hasn’t got even a single attribute to appreciate about. We really feel sorry for the audiences, who pay their money to watch such films.

The film is about Siva (Nakul), who hates ‘Love’ and those, who’re into such relationships. Whatever maybe the situation, he makes sure that they’re separated while Pooja (Poorna), a girl in Nagercoil is for the love as she risks anything to unite the lovers.

When Siva’s sister Girija falls in love with Poorna’s cousin boy, both the contrastive characters meet each other. Naturally as Nakul sings ‘Eppadi Ennul Kadhal Vandhadhu’, both of them fall in love.

But for a twist, a guy in Nagercoil commits suicide when Pooja reveals that she’s in love with Siva. Now his father Annachi (Sampath) is infuriated with the girl and keeps killing her closer relations. As Siva comes to know about this, its time to bash down the baddies with his fists of anger and marry her.

The storyline is so clichéd and doesn’t evokes interests at any parts. Nakul sleepwalks through his role and he has to work a lot on his intonation as it looks so immature. Poorna has to stop imitating Asin. Glamour doesn’t suit her and she can better keep making her presence in saris and salwars.

Santhanam comes up with prototyped roles while Sampath keeps yelling as other villains – Dae…Dae….Dae… Unna Thookkurenda…’

Dheena has done an excellent job by copying the tracks of western albums and computerizing them. Nakul’s song ‘Eppadi Ennul Kadhal’ is a good number while rest of the numbers isn’t appreciable.

On the whole, ‘Kandha Kottai’ has nothing special to mention about… If you want our advice, kindly avoid this film and if you’ve booked the tickets, sell them for half price at least.

Bottom – Line: Is Nakul Overconfidence?

Verdict: Fails to impress

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