Review – Kanden Kadhalai

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Star-casts: Bharath, Thamannah, Santhanam, Sapan Saran, Nizhalgal Ravi, Ravichandran, Munna and others.
Production: Sun Pictures, Moser Baer Entertainment, Blue Ocean Entertainment
Story: Imtaiz Ali
Screenplay and Direction: Kannan
Music: Vidyasagar
Cinematography: P.G. Muthaiah

Director Kannan had enthralled us over his debut flick ‘Jayam Kondan’ and precisely now with the ‘Jab We Met’ remake, he has stepped down little bit from exceeding our levels of expectations. Looks like, the filmmaker was much confused over modulating the script with accordance to Tamil nativity.

‘Kanden Kadhalai’ has done moderate justice to ‘Jab We Met’ by exactly posing his actors with the same mannerisms of Shahid and Kareena Kapoor.

But thanks to Kannan, for adding suitable adaptations of cultural background in the backdrops of Theni. As well, Santhanam and Munna make the film more entertaining with their stupendous works. It’s Santhanam who rules throughout the film by eclipsing the other actors

The film opens with Sakthi (Bharath), an unsuccessful young entrepreneur broken down in spirits after his girlfriend (Shammu) marries someone else. He gets into the train where he never about the destination. It’s over there he meets Anjali (Thamannah), a chirpy young girl making way to her native place Theni.

Though the journey is short, their lives get interwoven leading to great twists and turns with unexpected situations happening in their life.

Bharath has tried imitating Shahid Kapoor in each and every sequence, which could’ve been better avoided. Sometimes, he really makes you woe-stricken with it. Ditto to Thamannah. Even she’s spotted with the same kind of costumes that were worn by Kareena Kapoor. Well, she scores brownie points in second half as a desolated girl. Munna makes a decent performance though he appears for few moments in second half. He’s great with his expressions and definitely can look out for more movies. Similarly, Santhanam steals the show with his rib-tickling one-liners, especially with his introduction sequence. Nizhalgal Ravi, Ravichandran, Azhagam Perumal, Deepa Venkat and other star-casts have done justice to their roles. Sapan Saran has been delineated with the similar role of Kareena’s sister in Hindi version. But Kannan should’ve made it clear that Punjabi girls differ a lot from Tamil girls, particularly the ones with Theni…

Musical score by Vidyasagar doesn’t remind in our minds while cinematography by P.G. Muthaiah has got eye-catching visuals. Bharath seems to be keen over imitating Aamir Khan’s ‘Ghajini’ acts in the songs. If he was spotted showing his abs as Aamir’s ‘Guzarish’ in ‘Aarumugam’, he’s dressed up and dances almost like other song ‘Bekha’ from the same film.

Finally, marking the verdicts in simple terms, the film doesn’t boast off anything special from the original version and omitting the song (Oru Naal) at last make the movie little bit racy. First blatant flaws go with the casting of Bharath and Thamannah as they never suit the role. Secondly, Kannan should’ve strictly stuck to his formulas of projecting the film differently.

Maybe, with Sun Pictures promoting the film vigorously, the film is sure to prove its show in box office as they are no opponents in the coming weeks.

Bottom-Line: Not exceeding the levels

Verdict: Average

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