Review – Kanchivaram

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Star-casts: Prakash Raj, Shreya Reddy, Shamu and others.
Production: Shailendra Singh
Direction: Priyadarshan
Music: M.G. Sree Kumar

Ah! It’s really surprising watching a filmmaker who used to make merely the best flicks remade badly into Hindi. Yeah! Priyadarshan happens to be an auteur who till now hasn’t been successful remaking at least one film on the row and that’s more illustrious with his recent release ‘Billu’ remake of Malayalam Super Hit ‘Katha Parayum Pol’. On the pars, he had persistently made some path-breaking flicks like ‘Kaala Paani’. Perhaps, you may enter theaters for watching this film with mixed expectations and when the show is over, you should be spellbound with this stunning piece of work.

The film set at the backdrops of pre-independence era in Kanchivaram, it’s about Vengadam (Prakash Raj), a good silk weaver in town. He vows to his small girl child that he would weave a fantastic Silk Saree for her marriage. Of course, everyone in the town consider this to be the hot topic as in those days it isn’t an easy deal to weave a silk saree for a poor weaver as it’s so expensive. Although, he saves the money, his brother in law shatters them down with his evil mind. Then with no options left, he starts stealing strands of silk from his workplace and for a greater surprise, even after 19 years, he isn’t able to complete his task. Meanwhile, he is involved in communism and starts hosting strikes that eventually closes down the workplace. Now, with his daughter’s marriage nearing, he has to complete weaving the silk saree by stealing the strands. On the pars, he shouldn’t give up his idealisms.

So, would he be a lovable father or a proud communist forms crux of the story with a heart-binding climax.

Technical aspects have been splendidly handled. Be it Thiru’s trenchant cinematography that makes you feel the film is really mind-boggling. Sabu Cyril’s art direction of an ancient era sways with top-notching qualities. With accordance to good screenplay of past and present, the editing work has been carried on with best traits. M.G. Sree Kumar’s musical score is another pearl embellished to the precious jewel.

Getting on with performance, Prakash Raj as Vengadam has donned a powerful role unforeseen in any films. Be it his expressions of emoting to various situations of his child’s birth, death; He sweeps us off with great work. Shreya Reddy should really wait for more prestigious honors for her stupefying role. Rest of the star-casts has done justice to their roles.

On the whole, though ‘Kanchivaram’ may not be commercially fitting for good collections, it’s a worth watch film by every audiences that’s how you express your respect for a good piece of work.

But, don’t take the words of Priyadarshan as he said ‘My film is far best than Slumdog Millionaire and I am wondering why Indians are uplifting that film and not mine’.

Bottom – Line: Marvelous Piece of Work

Verdict: Good and Close-to-Heart

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