Review – Kadhalna Summa Illa

Star-casts: Sarvanand, Ravi Krishna, Kamilini Mukherji, Nasser, Tejashri, MS Bhaskar, Ilavarasu and others.
Banner: Raj Television Network
Direction: Ilangkannan
Music: Vidhyasagar, Manisharma, Moorthy
Cinematography: S.A. Vincent

An adventure can enlighten a person and indeed consider this term ‘Love itself is enlightenment’. Not sure, whether Radhakrishnan, Director of ‘Gamyam’ was inspired from life of Gautama Buddha who witnessed adventure that led to enlightenment. Remaking such a top-notching flick into Tamil with same casts on lead except Ravi Krishna replacing Allari Naresh has the same results.

‘Kadhalna Summa illa’ directed by Ilangkannan who earlier made ‘Ottran’ deserves good pat for a fine job. But there happens to be a big blunder that he has committed all throughout the film. Any guesses? He hasn’t exactly remade the film but has done cut-copy-paste works of ‘Gamyam’ to this Tamil remake. The scenes doesn’t involve the character of Ravi Krishna have been copied from Telugu version with just dubbing. Only scenes involving Ravi Krishna has been reshot and that are not you call perfection.

Anyways, it’s fine and good until audiences don’t judge the most blatant flaws on continuations.

Kadhalna Summa illa – As the title suggests it’s not at ease the protagonist wins his ladylove.

It’s a journey of Abhiram (Sarvanand), son of a millionaire in search of his lost love Janaki (Kamilini Mukherji). On this travel, he experiences what the real life is that he hasn’t strained to learn earlier. He goes through various encounters of joy, fun, pain, emotions, birth and even death. To get him accomplished of his love, a roadside bike-lifter velu (Ravi Krishna) is on his side.

With our journey not extending more than 120mins, ‘Kadhalna Summa Illa’ is a fantastic flick that offers a touching tale with entertainment for all classes. An act of surprisal from Ravi Krishna who with his ‘Netru Indru Naalai’ had turned the spotlights on him and with this film, he’s over-the-top. Debutant Sarvanand is sure to have big time in Kollywood with his charming looks and performance. Kamilini Mukherji’s decent performance offers enhancement to the script though her role is minimal. Though appearing in one particular sequence, M.S. Bhaskar steals the show while a person enacting the role of Naxalite for couple of scenes is extraordinary.

Background score by Moorthy is close to everyone’s heart while his score on songs ‘Samayame’ would fit Telugu and not Tamil screens. Vidhyasagar has copied his own tunes of ‘Jai Sambho’ from Telugu movie ‘Bagaram’ while Manisharma does it with ‘Ennavo Saidhai Nee’ from Okadu.

Cinematography by S.A. Vincent enriches the visual quality and would have been better if the copy-paste factor was avoided…

On the whole, ‘Kadhalna Summa Illa’ is a film that can be watched for a good-different experience especially for those who were fed up with ‘Villu’ and ‘Padikadhavan’ for this season.

Bottom – Line: Poignant tale of romance

Verdict: Be a part of this journey…

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