Review – Kadhalil Vizhundhen

Star-casts: Nakul, Sunaina, Hariraj, Livingston, Sampath, Pasi Sathya and others
Production: S Umapathy
Story, Screenplay, dialogues and direction: Prasad
Music: Vijay Antony

Alas! How long will everyone portray their hero so psychotic? If the hero is turning out to possess these ascribes because of love, then the director should have shown the impact of how both young lad and missy were in love. Long lengthy sequences and unwanted songs, again long duration of chases and fights makes its more pathetic. Kadhalil Vizhundhen possesses a story with finesse that has been already viewed in Selvaraghavan’s 7G Rainbow Colony where the protagonist speaks to his dead girlfriend feeling that she is alive yet. The film travels on the same sort of storyline and its dashing your hopes as it has lots of loopholes and ridiculous features.

The film opens with Nakul rushing with his girlfriend Sunaina on wheel chair and many people chasing to trap them. The girl is unconscious and Nakul carries her into the train where he meets a ticket collector (Livingstone). He starts taking a trip down the memory lane of how both the couple met their love story and gradually the opposition from the family members. The shocking part there is when Nakul narrates Livingstone that on his return to Chennai from Ooty for a match, his friends and Sunaina’s family members cheated him saying that the girl is dead. Well, the scenes as it move shows that Nakul who rushes to Hospital finds that his girlfriend is laid dying in the morgue. Everyone including the family members and doctors believe that the girl is dead. But Nakul doesn’t do so as he feels her heartbeat. With no one believing his statement, Nakul rushes out along with girl that no one can separate them.

But is the girl he loves is really alive or is he travelling with her dead body, with hallucinations of Sunaina breathing her life forms crux of the story…

Wow! You may wonder what a peculiar story it is and we too did the same. But the nastiest part of unwanted stuffs and till the last moment not revealing the finest suspense lets down our hopes. Nakul does justice to his role in all situations of romance, comedy and emotions. Believe us, if he is offered with a role of brisk action packed hero, he will churn the best out of him. With her simple naturalistic looks, Sunaina convinces us and Sampath steals the show.

But, again the same old ridiculous love dialogues and other stuffs makes even the young lovers who are supposed to be the target audiences walk out of the theatres.

Songs are fine and good with both the versions of Naaka Mukka grabbing the attention. But is the song in second half really necessary. Fine! This is not a jolly going film and song like Naaka Mukka doesn’t go along with it. Perhaps, it had done a fine job with the promotional activities of Sun TV.

On the whole, Kadhalil Vizhunden despites carrying a good story fail to convince us and thus loses out the best credits.

Bottom – Line: falling into pits of disappointments

Verdict: Goes unimpressive…

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