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Review – Kadhalagi

Star-casts: Krishna Kumar, Ajay, Roshan, Srishti Thange , Amritha, Natchatra, Vijaya Gopal, Kashish Kapoor, Prakash Raj and others
Production: K Creations
Direction: K.R. Vishwa
Music: A.R. Rehana
Background Score: Thaman

Heartfelt thanks to filmmaker K.R. Vishwa for making an unusual film with a clichéd synopsis. Of course, reading the synopsis on the course will make you feel this film is nowhere different from those potboilers of Late 80s, where couple from different castes falling in love wouldn’t be encouraged by their communities and they will have to flee for their causes.

Of course, the film ‘Kadhalagi’ travels on those lines, but with a completely surprising screenplay and brilliant characters.

Now, the commercial filmmakers, who have been disappointing the fans of stealing their money through tickets, can learn a good lesson from K.R. Vishwa that films with no superstars and stunning technicians can ever work out for best results in box office.

Being the sister of atrocious person (Vijay Gopal), Nandini (Shristi) lives like chalk and cheese kind of relationship with her bro. He is one such cruel guy, who has hatred towards every caste and feels that his community is always superior. Especially, he is dead against a specific caste, from which Thyagu (Krishna Kumar) is actually in love with his sister.

Rest of the film is about an unexpected turn that keeps the film going on the lines you would have never anticipated.

The film opens with group of friends journeying in train for vacation and they get into interaction with a stranger (Prakash Raj).

How these parallel lines of story coalesce and the characters are interconnected with each other forms crux of the story.

Every character has complete importance in this film as the suspenseful factors are unraveled only during the point of climax. For sure, you will appreciate K.R. Vishwa for his extraordinary skill for sharp, elegant screenplay.

The newcomers have done their jobs with perfection and Prakash Raj is simply fantastic. Watch out for his climax performance as it will be the biggest of all surprises than the ones that were actually done by protagonist Krishna Kumar all throughout the film.

Few songs have come out well and so it the cinematography. Choreography in few songs is likely to be the best of this season. A.R. Rehana has done a good job and Thaman’s background score adds more value.

Meant to say that the film has some reasons to watch and we recommend you to watch ‘Kadhalagi’ for the creative conceptualization of K.R. Vishwa.

Bottom – Line: Only for Love

Verdict: Watch it once…

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