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Review – Kaalaipani

Star-casts: Jay Jay, Vasundhara, Nasser, Sathish, K.A. Nethaji Balu, Gokul, Action Prakash, Lollusaba Swami Nathan, Balaji, Kavitha Balaji, Ponmaaran and many others.
Production: . Nethaji Balu, B. Vijayalakshmi and A.B. Pulithevan Sethupathi
Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Rajesh Selva
Music: Satish Ramalingam

Kollywood must feel proud of good directors making their best and bold attempts, thus bringing new themes on the screen. In particular, Director Rajesh Selva, the young cool debutant has his best delivered with a murder mystery. Perhaps, Kaalaipani makes us feel that are we watching a suspense thriller with partial traces of Hollywood.

The film is about Samvedha (Vasundhara) and her father (Nasser) who shares a good relationship and embodiment of excellent father-daughter relationship. More witting as a responsible individual, Samvedha weaves her time splitting up with her father and close friends. Apart from this, the good hearted missy gets involved in social service activities of an orphanage. More concerned with the good services at this orphanage home, she develops a love for an young man on the way.

But sooner, her father possessive of daughter starts intervening in all her activities that Samvedha carries with her friends. Bits and pinch of fights lead out to a great conflict and it is when she steps out the house. Things don’t end here, but a great perplexed situation after few days when cops find a buried body of a woman. With Nasser already been launched a complaint of his daughter missing. When called for the identification of body, his answer goes yes and that’s because of the dress he finds on the corpses…

Now starts the investigation of who the mysterious murderer is? What was the intention of getting her killed and is there anything behind individual involvement in this murder forms the crux of the story?=2 0Well, more than answering this, a great stunning spine chilling climax has something more than this….

Samvedhai in supporting role with the debut film Vattaram had gained the attention of entire tinsel town and she continues to put on the same effort and piece of work with this flick. Her performance goes well in both the scenes of father-daughter encounters and in times of romance. The next performer on the screen who strikes with appealing and naturalistic approach is Nasser. We needn’t describe on his part of acting.

Apart from this, the others Jay Jay, Sathish, K.A. Nethaji Balu, Gokul, Action Prakash, Lollusaba Swami Nathan, Balaji, Kavitha Balaji, Ponmaaran have breathed lives on the characters they have played… Director Rajesh Selva has very well applied his paper works on the screen and that’s so nice for Kollywood to have a new director like him. Whatever may be the flaws he has made, he has to be well for a different theme brought amidst of many directors who are coming up with irritating masala movies.

Bottom – Line: New of its genre

Verdict: a good attempt

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