Review – Jayam Kondan

Star-casts: Vinay, Bhavana, Lekha Washington, Vivek, Santhanam, VMC Haneefa, 5 Star fame Krishna, Devan, Thalaivasal Vijay, Vasundra and many others.
Banner: Sathya Jyothi Films
Story, screenplay and direction: Kannan
Dialogues: Pattukottai Prabhakar
Music: Vidhyasagar
Cinematography: Balasubramaniam

Kannan, launched from the laps of Mani Rathnam in no way disapproves of being his protégé. For those who yearned to watch a flick sans vulgarity and profanity, Jayam Kondan would be right one. A pure family entertainer that will make you feel every minute is worth watching. The story isn’t something and not complicated too. A convincing movie that lets you enjoy the full length of 2.5hrs….

It has traces of Agni Natchathiram, but not to a greater extent. Commercial elements of love, action, emotions and comedy are equivalently added up.

Arjun (Vinay) returns from London after his father’s demise here in Chennai to commence a business on his own. Life in London seemed to be more vexed for Arjun and he is delighted to start up with his new venture along with his friends. What about investments? Arjun has plans to draw the money accounting to Rs.60Lakhs that he had sent to his father over these years. But, it’s quite shocking to see that his father has a second wife (Malavika) and has a 20yrs old daughter (Lekha Washington). His father had got a property in Thirumangalam at Madurai that houses Nizhalgal Ravi and his daughter Bhavana. Soon on the heels of selling off the house so that he can start the business, his half sister obstructs it with the help of local gangster Guna (Kishore). A small casual fists of anger between Guna and Arjun that results in the accidental death of Guna’s wife (Vasundhra).

Lekha Washington is so concerned about selling the property so that it would be useful for her higher studies in United States. Arjun somehow tries out to put down his plans for the well being of his sister, but she doesn’t understand his affection for her.

Meanwhile, Guna feels that Arjun is responsible for the death of his wife and is enraged in seeking revenge at him. Finally, the protagonist strides with an appealing message that violence doesn’t result in good but one with patience would win the life.

Director Kannan has added all the aspects that will be enjoyed by family audiences. His designing of characterizations are really perfect. His capability of crafting a good screenplay is evident during the second half. Though the baddie along with his henchmen gears up to settle the score, there is no unwanted fight sequence. The director has clearly understood this is a film on relationship of siblings and nothing to do with unwanted elements. Centering on this line, Kannan has got in the entire characterizations linked up. The best illustration would be Bhavana. Unlike other directors who bring heroines on parallel lines of intimate romantic scenes, running around bush for songs and whatever annoying aspects. But over here, though Bhavana doesn’t appear in more scenes, she has been utilized perfectly. Lekha Washington makes us doubt whether this is debut flick for her performance is of full finesse. She is sure to win laurels in her forthcoming films. Vivek and Santhanam add up to the humor part with their rib trickling comedy tracks. Even here, we have director Kannan delivering both the comedy actors with equal portions for both Vivek and Santhanam are dominant.

Kishore carries off with the same performance as he spelled in his previous film Polladhavan. But he is so stereotypical and it would be better if he steps out of clichéd gestures and uttering of dialogues. Characterization of Vasundra is quite rigid and our congrats to her for a young upcoming heroine for her bold attempt.

Vidhyasagar should have tried something different in his tunes and nothing great to call on him. However, cinematographer Balasubramaniam lives up to our expectations. Dialogues are so precisely penned by Pattukottai Prabhakaran.

But there are some flaws that go unacceptable in this film. Wife of Arjun’s friend handover a letter saying that it is from his father’s second wife before she passed away. Fine! Her message in the letter is good and emotional. But, it’s a factor of absurdity, since no one uses a letter these days to convey a message. For a lady who is a French Teacher by profession, she should have basically called up to his mobile or even if he is not available, she should have called up to his friends.

During the climax sequence, Vinay sets out to London while his sister would fly to US after 10 days. A guy who is so worried that Guna may attack his friends, couldn’t have though it is better to send his sister first and then go for a safety purpose.

Well, these things are not so blatant, but Kannan could have improvised on these logics. Or else, Jayam Kondan is an excellent movie. Enjoy it…

Bottom – Line: A splendid family entertainer

Verdict: Winner of the box-office…

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