Review – Innoruvan

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Star-casts: Aditya, Kavinaya, Visu, Manivannan, M.S. Baskar, Kadhal Dhandapani, Azhagu, Vincent Rai and many others.
Direction: S.D. Gunasekaran
Music: Athish Uthiran

Right from Director Shankar to the newly endeavoring filmmakers, everyone feels good at heat in brimming with stories that has got good morals and messages. Perhaps, most of the time what stops them from hitting bull’s eye is the fact that on the course of delivering messages, they fail to toast it with commercial elements. Thereby, they fail to follow the traits of the formula in ‘Socio-Commercial Entertainer’.

Director Gunasekaran steps out from this box and tries making a film with good message. The narration is quite commendable but he fails in providing good entertainment as the things present here are so boring that lets us bit distracted.

However, a decently attempted effort makes you feel ‘Innoruvan’ is worth watching once. The film is all about positive thinking that each youngster must possess. Again, it’s ‘Rags-to-Riches’ motif where a rag picker turns into a rich person with his best efforts and right motivations.

Shiva (Debut Adhitya), by nature happens to be so sincere and honest youngster. He doesn’t feel distressed for being a rag picker for he believes in the mantra of ‘Work is God’. On his course of daily life, he comes through a judge who draws him a great inspiration of becoming a great entity in society. Now, he thinks about owning a paper mills that’s situated right opposite to a waste paper mart for which he works. Now he comes through Kavinaya (Manoha), daughter of rich-selfish man (Manivannan) and on the pars with State HR and CE Minister Aranganayakam (Kadhal Dandapani) and rest of the film is all about the series of incident that turns him upside down.

Would he accomplish his dreams or get it shattered forms crux of this story…

Adhitya with his best efforts makes a good start and that doesn’t look like his debut film. Much equally, Manoha’s performance goes much perfectly, especially on her expressions. Rest of the star-casts including Kadhal Dhandapani, Crane Manohar, Azhagu and Vincent Rai have done a good job.

M.S. Bhaskar adds to the humor quotient with his comedy tracks on uttering Tamizh in the Chennai slang.

There isn’t much to analyze on technical aspects and they could’ve been done more precisely. Produced by S.P. Chandrasekar and Krishnaveni Chandrasekar, the film ha commercial elements as well a good narration. But what stops us from singing appraisals is that it’s already an experienced one…

Bottom – Line: Clichéd but not quite good

Verdict: Damp Squib

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