Review – Indiravizha

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Star-casts: Srikanth, Hema Malini, Namitha, Vivek, Nasser and others.
Banner: ANKK Pictures
Production: Ashok Kotwani
Direction: K. Rajeshwar
Music: Yatish

Michael Crichton would’ve got himself choked to death if he had ever watched this film ‘Indiravizha’. How pathetic it is to watch the remake version where there’s no thriller. It’s all about the leading ladies Namitha, Hema Malini and Ragasiya competing with each other on showing their skins to the extreme.

If you’re an intellectual audience, you will just spit on the screens and move out of theatres much prior to intermission. But if you’re actually looking out for the ‘Midnight Masala’ go for this film.

So stupid! And how come the genius filmmaker K. Rajeshwar afforded to make such a nasty film?

Santhosh (Srikanth), a successful channel head has no worries in his life. He has everything including the best job in leading TV Network, a beautiful gorgeous wife Savithri (Hema Malini) and friendly colleagues (Ragasiya and many more). But unexpected arrival of his ex-girlfriend Kaminey (Namitha), now the wife of channel owner (Nasser) turns down his situation upside down. She attempts to seduce him and although Santhosh falls for her aphrodisiacal approach. But gets off back to home as he remembers about loyalty to his wife and Kaminey takes her round of seeking revenge of Santhosh on pulling him out of job. And now, the Santhosh seeks his friend’s (Vivek) help to fight the legal case in court and when things move out of control on the judgment day, his departed wife Savithri herself appears for the case.

What happens next is the worst climax in Tamil Cinema.

As usual Srikanth is filled with lots of enthusiasms in churning out a hit, but what to do. He has been choosing wrong scripts on the row. Namitha can better quit films and try on parallel cinemas (We mean ___) that are more available in internets. What the hell is she actually doing there? With a bulk sized body, she cannot even evoke a sensuous feel and it’s almost like fair hippopotamus jumping here and there in dance sequences. Really wondering how Rajeshwar designs such sequences of a charming guy Srikanth falling for her. Hema Malini wants to compete a lot with Namitha and shows everything to maximum that she isn’t supposed to do so. Ragasiya has cheated Srikanth as a witness due to the threatening of Nasser and of course she does it save her boyfriend. We accept it! But how does she go out and dance in the pub with the same chap for a song. So silly and irritating.

Just go through the sequence where Namitha offers a Singapore-imported chocolate that is available in ordinary petty shops of Chennai today. Know what? Director has termed the chocolate to be ‘Spanish Fly’ that’s almost like a Viagra arousing the sexual desires.

Alas, you can keep counting more and more ridiculous factors in this way. But a long article may turn to be a case study.

Let’s stop it here. It’s merely Vivek who tries to stop the audiences from running out of theatres. But again, there comes Y. Gee. Mahendran a talented actor who acts like a third grade performer. It’s really weird to listen to his Malayalam intonations.

All the technical aspects score 0 / 10

Please don’t watch ‘Indiravizha’. If you still insist about watching a porn movie, go ahead and carry with this genre.

Bottom – Line: Worst versioned ‘Disclosure’

Verdict: Tales of Kama Sutra

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