Review – Inba

Staring: Shaam, Sneha, Arun Pandian, and others
Direction: ST Vendhen
Music Director: PB Balaji
Producer: Vasantha Rani
Banner: Rathnamala Movies

Hello viewers! We have a kind advice for you all people that please ensure that you are going to waste your time watching this movie. The film has nothing in special for that carries a general a irritating cliché of a rich young rough girl getting her heart stolen by an ordinary poor ruffian. I don’t know the reason why the producer has to waste his whole lot of money producing such kind of movies. Well, we aren’t blaming about the storyline of the movie, but the director S.T. Vendan fails in narrating the script in an effective manner and the audiences’ attention are scattered now and then. Perhaps, we are sure that many of you would get out of theatres long time before the movie gets over.

The film is all about a romantic tale between Inba played be Shaam and Priya (Sneha) who are from different backgrounds. Priya, a rich and beautiful girl indeed is very often disturbed by Rupan (Aadithya) and her brother, a local don Mala Ganesan (Arun Pandian) gets to know about this. Now Inba is introduced getting out of juvenile imprisonment for mercilessly killing his classmate Jyothi who cheats him by saying she loves him.

Sooner as he arrives, Priya’s brother seeks the help of Inba by paying him and setting him to be the bodyguard for his sister. Though, things aren’t doing well between these two, Priya soon falls for Inba. But he has no ideas for accepting her love since he is more vexed about the females. But as cliché, circumstances force both to fall in love and opposition comes through in the form the cruel brother.

Rest o f the story is how both of them manage to get out of the problems hassling their love.

As mentioned earlier, the film lacks lots of thrill and pleasant ambience while it’s an entire waste of time. None of the scenes have been framed well and if one says that this film is nice, we would felicitate him with honorable gift. Shaam has done justice to his role and nothing to blame on the part of other star casts. Arun Pandian along with other actors have really performed well and Director takes the credit for lack of tension in the film.

Bottom – Line: An annoying flick

Verdict: Below Average

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