Review – Guru

Review – Guru

Cast : Abishek Bachan, Mithun Chakaravathy, Aishwarya Rai, Madhavan, Vidhya Balan
Music Director : A.R.Rahman
Director : Mani Rathnam
Produced by : Madras Talkies

In India cinema story outline was still revolves around three concepts Love, Heroism and last but not the least History, this outline is very common to all director and success and failure depend upon the Screenplay & Songs etc. But Veteran director Mani Ratnam interested in doing movie based on Personalities, Eruvar and Nayagan are good examples of Mani’s interest in Bigwigs Histories. Director Mani’s “Guru” team was carefully selected in order to suit the screenplay, starting from Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Mallika Sherawat, Madhavan and Vidya Balan film cast done a wonderful performance which was a major plus for the movie.

“Guru”, basically a story about an individual called as Gurunanth Desai and his vision. Gurunanth Desai, born and brought up in Village by chance he got a chance to work abroad (Turkey) in a Oil company, by his efficiency and leadership quality Gurunanth slowly growing from Labour to Supervise category, at the same time he has a desire to start a Small scale Industry in his native, but he was short of money. In mean time he promise to marry friend’s sister Sujatha (Ais) for Rs 25000 as dowry.

His hard work and contribution raised ordinary Guru to Industrialist Guru, Guru’s fast growth has shattered industrial world. His rise is dotted with illegal land acquisition; constructions triggered some controversial but still Guru able to come out from the odd things. Mean time, Guru close relation with Manik Dasgupta (Mithun Chakraborthy) publisher of the newspaper Swatantrais eroded, after Mani able to find out Guru’s malpractice. And he tries to expose Guru’s cruel attitude towards society with the help of his friend Editor Shyam (Madhavan). And the rest of the movie revolves around the legal fight between Guru and Shyam.

Abisheak’s Body gesture plays predominant role in making Of “Guru”, Aiswarya looks very beautiful as Village Girl, and Madhavan played very promising role in this film. Even songs went well along with the screenplay; Mallika Sherawat satisfies her fans with a sizzling ‘Maiya maiya’ number. Barso Re and Tera Bina are mellifluous ones while Hariharan hypnotizes listeners with ‘hey airathe’ number. Background score screams of Rahman stamp.

Film “Guru” will expose other side of film making and experiment tried out by Director Mani works well and we expect many film in this wavelength can improve India’s cine vision.


Verdict : Must See

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