Review – Guru Shishyan

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Star-casts: Sathyaraj, Sundar C, Hema Malini, Saranya, Raj Kapoor, Ravi Khale, Santhanam and others
Banner: Cinema Paradise
Production: Sakthi Chidambaram
Direction: Sakthi Chidambaram
Music: Dheena

One small request to Sakthi Chidambaram – Please don’t file any cases against us just as you were about to do with Suhasini Manirathnam after she criticized your ‘Rajathi Raja’. This is about analyzing plus and minus of your film. Just as you take it granted for the positive reviews, you may also have to accept the facts on your minuses.

Your ‘Guru Shishyan’ had raised all our hopes ever since you released the first look pictures with Sathyaraj, Vadivelu and Sundar C. Of course, Vadivelu walking out of the project did keep us disappointed, but Santhanam trivialized the drawback.

Finally, we were able to catch up with your ‘Guru Shishyan’ that had strongly disappointed us. Please always don’t make movies for the sake of earning money. Naturally, every filmmaker has the same intention. But the difference is selling adulterated products and a pure one in the same market? Did you get our point?

We could hear one of the audiences saying that Vijay’s ‘Sura’ itself was better than your film.

Your previous film ‘Sandai’ was a good show and we at least expected those levels. But you have simply replicated many ingredients from that film and have made a film that has no interesting storyline with ludicrous flashbacks.

The film is about Gurumoorthy (Sathyaraj), a highly influential person in Rajapalayam and then there is a nicknamed Eeti (Sundar C), who joins his team after proving that he is a sincere protégé of his. Then starts the story’s plot where Gurumoorthy gets frustrated watching Mahalakshmi (Saranya) and keeps thwarting her plans.

The flashbacks on regular intervals reveal that they married long ago in spite of their family oppositions. Later, their peaceful lives are shattered when Mahalakshmi vows to get Guru’s sister married to a person, whom he doesn’t want to. The next morning, we find his sister is found dead committing suicide.

Soon after this drama is over, Sundar C has one more flashback taking back to his childhood, where suspense breaks open that relates him with Gurumoorthy and Mahalakshmi.

Rest of the film is about his mission of uniting the couple despites so many hurdles caused by Gurumoorthy himself.

Sathyaraj looks quite old in his image and his attempts of rejuvenation fails badly. He tries to woo down the audiences with his same old gimmicks in dialogues. The very beginning of the film has a hilarious take on Nithyananda Swami. Sundar C dances, acts, fights, tries to emit comedy tracks along with Santhanam. Hema Malini – the bulk-sized actress tries to do Namitha on all occasions. Mind this! At least Namitha had a cute face during her initial phase in Kollywood and Hema Malini has to work a lot in her image. Santhanam’s comedy tracks aren’t so captivating except his sense of timing. The last sequence where Tiger gets inside Marriage Hall is seemingly inspired from Hollywood movie ‘Hangover’. Namitha’s entry during final credits is unwanted.

The musical score by Dheena is really piece of crap and he must quit the film industry now or at least learn tuitions from Deva. Please Dheena, don’t torture us with your sickening songs. Sakthi Chidambaram has to mend his way and concentrate on all aspects of filmmaking, story, screenplay and technical arenas as well.

On the whole, ‘Guru Shishyan’ has no chances of succeeding at box office any centre would avoid watching it for the old styled nature.

Bottom – Line: Everything Half-baked

Verdict: Below Average

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