Review – Goa

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Banner: Orcher Studios
Production: Soundarya Rajnikanth
Star – Casts: Jai, Vaibhav, Premji, Sampath, Aravind, Sneha, Piyaa, Prasanna, Simbhu and Nayanthara…
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Direction: Venkat Prabhu

First let’s take off with the film’s verdict that should probably save your time from reading this review itself. Of course, we believe reading this complete review is itself a waste of time if you have already booked the tickets. But for those, who haven’t, there’s a big chance to escape from this annoying Venkat Prabhu holiday. This isn’t a Holiday actually, but a pestiferous show filled with lethargic moments.

‘Goa’ – it really makes us doubt whether Venkat Prabhu has really shot the film over there. Naturally, most of the sequences look to be canned on ECR beaches. Pulling in bikini babes and projecting couple of montages doesn’t mean that it’s Goa.

Did Soundarya Rajnikanth listen to the script completely before signing Venkat Prabhu? If not, she’s not worth producing any films in future and if she had heard the tale, it isn’t a right choice. Enna Koduma Sir ithu??? (Premji Style)

The film revolves around three friends Ramarajan (Jai), Swamikannu (Premji Amaran) and Vinayagam (Vaibhav) are always boisterous troublemakers in their village. When they’re unable to bear the pudden-headed traditions curbing down their freedom, they get in escapade drama and find themselves in Madurai attending their friend’s marriage. And these guys are extremely surprised to see his below-average looking guy marrying a stunningly beautiful foreign girl. Now, they draw a simple conclusion, fly down to Goa, marry a foreign girl and get settled in a different country to enjoy lavish lifestyle.

But as they land in Goa, it’s a different situation for these boys as they encounter unexpected things after falling in love with girls.

Venkat Prabhu seems to be inspired from various films including American Pie, Dostana and more.

Portraying Sampath and Aravind as gay couples is unasked trouble that Venkat Prabhu bargains for. Our audiences haven’t grown up yet and he should have better studied audiences’ psychology as the B and frontbenchers yell him at bad words for showcasing such factors. The first half is completely disappointing with unwanted elements and by the intermission point; you’ll run out of theatres. But when as the film proceeds towards second half, there are some interesting moments which don’t help in anyway. It really takes a long time to establish the story and Venkat Prabhu seems to be more confused over drawing so many things within last 40mins. Guest appearance of Prasanna, Nayanthara and Silambarasan are worthy appreciable, but the time these characters come up with presence, it’s too late as audiences tired with irksome screenplay.

Premji Amaran dominated the complete film as he gets more footage when compared to other star-casts. Vaibhav vanishes for a very long time and finally finds a specific place during second half, which is completely disappointing and Jai (Even his Paint does not Stay in his hips) doesn’t get more into hilarious moments. But his English dialogues with Vaibhav as ‘Come Towel, Go Towel’ are mind-boggling one liner. Sneha can better start performing aunty roles as she tries a lot to spot herself younger. Jessica simply mesmerizes us with her simple yet alluring looks. Piyaa looks good and fits the role as a Goa girl while Sampath shaded with gayety is worth mentioning and Aravind looks stunning with six pack.

Though the actors have done a great job with their specified roles, the biggest flaw remains with Venkat Prabhu’s dim-witted script copycatted from American Pie and a very weak screenplay. Strictly a big NO for Kids and Family audience.

On the whole, ‘Goa’ is a Mokka Padam as it really tastes your patience to greater magnitude…

Bottom – Line: A Venkat Prabhu Torture….

Verdict: Its not Goa, Its Guyva

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